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    This was in Business Week. I can't wait to see it at the next fly fishing show.



    A Sensor Runs Through It

    Fly fishermen can spend years perfecting the rhythmic motion needed to cast a fly far enough yet gently enough to convince a fish that dinner has just landed. Noel C. Perkins, a mechanical engineer at the University of Michigan, turned to science instead: He built a high-tech sensor to debug his casting technique.

    Perkins' gizmo is both inexpensive and light and uses the same sort of chip-based motion sensor that triggers car air bags. These microelectromechanical systems, or MEMS, chips cost a few dollars each. And at under 1 ounce, the prototype device doesn't impair movement. Attached to a rod, the MEMS unit tracks casting speed and acceleration. Software running on a linked handheld computer then points out weaknesses by comparing the user's motion with that of an expert fly fisherman.

    With his casting much improved and a patent pending, Perkins now hopes to develop a multisensor device capable of analyzing more complex movements. "Golf, tennis, baseball--they all demand finely tuned technique," he says. In the meantime, a consumer version of the casting aid is in the works.
    By Adam Aston
  2. Bob Triggs Your Preferred Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide

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    My first instinct, as a fly casting instructor,and dyed-
    in-the-wool traditionalist, is to say: "Aw..cmon, that can't be!...Nah,Hum-Bug!". But maybe this will really be helpful. We will just have to see. I am willing to look this over. Motion sensing devices are quite specific and may prove helpful. It could also be a real distraction. It just takes time to try things out. So I am willing.Like video replay, either taped or Digital, some newer things have made teaching and learning movement patterns allot easier in mnay areas of endeavor, work, industry, sports, dance, etc.
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    How about an electromechanical fish that you put in the water. It will sense a radio active fly you have just cast, swim over and strike it.

    The "Never Skunked System" NSS

    This could also resovle the "fish in the barrel" issue.

  4. XstreamAngler ...has several mistresses.

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    Spray on waders, aerosol that is! Different colors, you could mix and match.Get a leak, a little spray and all sealed! Sold seperate of course is the de-wader, spray it on and the waders dissolve. All bio-happy too. Why not, you can buy "Kits" that contain all the materials needed, hooks, hackle, dubbing, ribbing etc to tie 10 flies. Now, just show me food that is like dehydrated or something of the likes, wrap it in a package where you just add water and you have a meal! Now THAT is an idea! How much longer do we have to carry meat, eggs and crap with us on the river!

    Fish on, Fish hard!
    :smokin :smokin
  5. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

    They already do. Join the Army and find out for yourself.


    I'll go one step farther. How about powered beer. After all we are fishing around in nothing but water. So if fishing sucks you have something else to fall down with.
    They already have the freeze dried types.
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    Y'all could be onto something here.....I'm thinking micro heat seeking sensors tucked inside my flies. -Not too much different than fish-finders. All you'd have to do is cast once....let out plenty of slack line....let the fly chase the fish around. You could sit on the shore w/a dehydrated beer and wouldn't even need to buy those pesky spray-on waders. If you get bored waiting for the "Future-Fly" (FF) to do it's work, simply pull out your Gameboy loaded with the "Bass-Fisher" disk & get twice the experience. But then...you could just sit at home too and do the same thing....drink beer & play computer games. Precisely the reason I don't want any techno gear on my stick. I go on the water to get away from all o' that.

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    I'm a bit concerned about the spray-on waders. In my case at least, what with my rather extrodinary personals , it would probably be too revealing and get me arrested. I'v had enough of that.
    p.s. Good fishing, meaning lots of trout, depends upon poor casting to give the fish a chance. Now some jerkwater engineer (probably doesn't even fish) comes along and invents this microchip casting teacher. Maybe sonars, depth finders, GPS, theromcline detectors (say, by the way, on what page of the Cabelas's Spring Catalog did that add appear, the one for a depth sounder and temp. deal for about $50? I have looked and looked and can't find it), water acidity detectors, hand held cell phones for calling your buddy across the pond and sharing notes,and on and on. Maybe this is why there are no fish in a barrel.
  8. papafsh Piscatorial predilection

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    I saw an ad on cable tv this week for a fishfinder that attaches to your fishing line. It's wireless of course, and you can read the info sent to a hand-held reciever that looks the same as you would get from the more traditional fish finder units!
    The sending unit looks and works like a float/bobber, and it can be used in lakes as well as rivers.
    Look out,the techies are comin'!
  9. Tightline Brian Perry

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    Will the computer know what type of cast you are attempting... roll, tuck, steeple, pile? Ha... there are "casters" and there are Fisherman! :D

  10. Ron Olsen Member

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    Bob, the "Fish Finder Thermometer/Dept Finder" is on page 77 of the Master Catalog Spring 2003. Code CD- 01-3188, for $59.99

  11. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

    I'm sure glad that I'm poor and can't afford all these fancy gadgets. I just guess that I'll have to stick to the basic's and just carry on like I usually do. One rod,line,and reel and home tied flies. And this set up usually works.

  12. Dan Reynolds Member

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    But will the sensor handle the infamous BOBLAWLESS "under the legs cast" ??:eek
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    blank goof

    Sorry about this blank.
  14. BOBLAWLESS New Member

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    I am disassociating myself completely from the infamous "under the legs cast." I have had several wives threaten to sue me because this cast, attempted by their husbands, has resulted in severe (mild is OK) impotence. It will catch trout on the occasion but then there are more things in this life than trout, although I can't think of any.

    Ronbow: Thanks for the info. on the tiny fishfinder. I'm going to buy one but I fear it will just be another piece of junk like so many I have purchased in this life. In the next, I'm going to cut a stick, get some mono out of a trash barrel, buy one hook and dig some worms. I figure I'll save about 1.25 million. To hell with techy stuff.
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    Boooooooob come back to the daaark side. I'll save you a coffee can for your worms. ;)