What No Upper Columbia Reports Yet?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Irafly, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. It's almost 8:00 AM on the 16th and not a peep. The fishing must suck.
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  2. I will be up there the 17th thru the 20th. Might get one day on the river.
  3. I hope to make it up that way and fish with family before it closes
  4. it sucks dont go i can confirm
  5. Caught 17 this morning all on dry flies
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  6. Slow day. Should get better tomorrow.
  7. Caught 2 on my first cast.
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  8. After hunting in bluebird weather today I was contemplating making a run over the pass tomorrow to fish a couple of days. Then someone made other plans for me.
  9. i hate when women do that
  10. I fished the Wenatchee a couple hours played hooky from work for a couple of hours no love, 1 small grab but nothing. I did here a report form the Methow 3 fish I think 2 were wild and 1 keeper.
    Kelly Michelsen
  11. I'm here to report that I fished a river that opened yesterday.
  12. i think everyone has been scared away since the reports of the sniper in the trees shooting bead fisherman. lucky for him, still plenty of targets since most snaggers cant read.
  13. Also, the word of the day is "mis-clip." When in doubt, throw it back. They are getting sloppy, and the game warden might not be as open minded about it as you are.
    WP_20131016_001 (1).jpg
  14. O
    Nah I heard he took the day off to sight floss with Teeny nymphs, T-11 and a 14' leader.

  15. DC has your back. And lube.

    Wait? What?
  16. Mis-clips go in the fish box...... If it's obvious.
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  17. Enjoy the crowds...and BEARS.

    <----- possibly an opener fish caught on a rocktober raddis ;)
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  18. I'm usually the same way... but the one pictured didn't even have a visible scar. it was definitely clipped, but I would have had no way to really talk my way out of an inspection.
  19. I've run into a few "clipped" fish where the scar was still fresh. I found out that some yokels would catch wild fish down river, clip them and let them go in hopes of catching them later on as "hatchery" fish. If it ain't down right obvious, I'll take the chance fine for accidentally releasing a "hatchery" fish over bonking a native any day.
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  20. Considering I was the only boat on this stretch of river, and was the first to hit all these spots, I don't think it had any "help" like that. Though that can definitely happen (they had issues with that in SW WA in recent years). That one was from the Wenatchee opening morning. I've seen a lot of bad mis-clips there. And totally agree: I'd rather release a brat than bonk a native. I err on the side of caution when it comes to these types of fisheries.

    Also, Ira: That one fell victim to the centerpin :)
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