What No Upper Columbia Reports Yet?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Irafly, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Were you in that green wood boat with the center pin?
  2. I was in a Clack with a centerpin, yes.
  3. If you are the boat I'm thinking about I was the guy wading in the middle of the river up above Carl.
  4. I was on the Wenatchee.
  5. well, then.
  6. We were at the access at 9 miles on the Met; great day, warm, blue sky, and not a fish to be seen. Did see one gear guy with one by second bridge though.
  7. Fished from the lower river upstream and found one player that didn't find my hook. tried dry line, sink tip, middle of the road, leeches, dries, traditional wets. Fish are difficult.
  8. Sounds like business as usual. The Wenatchee wasn't exactly popping either. The reports I'm getting from friends on the Methow so far aren't stellar. Then again, with these counts I'm surprised they even opened it.
  9. Can I just leave zombie meat on the bank for the wolves and wolverines?
  10. Opening day was decent but it's been slow and crowded since then. [​IMG]

  11. not sure if you are employing sarcasm here, but in case you are seriously considering tossing hatchery fish up on the bank, please consider the following:

    1. It's illegal to waste fish, read the WDFW regs. Not a cheap ticket to pay. It probably will not make you any friends on the Met either.
    2. The Met is a meat fishery; go elswehere if you aren't prepared to harvest fish and want to C&R steelhead all day. There is a purpose to the mandatory retention and if you don't agree or understand it, then there are lots of other options for legal eastside C&R steelheading.
    3. Met fish aren't zombies, many (myself included) consider them good table fare and they great for canning and smoking as well. The meat is not bright pink like that of a chrome winter steelhead, but it is still pink and firm. If you don't want keep them for yourself, then you probably have a neighbor or friend who'd be happy to take them off your hands.

    If you were being sarcastic, then perhaps my post will be useful to others who haven't fished the Met.

  12. Smoked steelhead chowder (home canned) goes down a treat with a scotch on a Winter evening...
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  13. Did good this morning, 2 wilds, 1 keeper. Didn't break out the fly rod, all caught on gear.
  14. fishing was tough for us
  15. Thanks Christophe -- good to know.

  16. photo 2.JPG I had the chance to fish 1 run on the Met today and had 3 pulls busted 2 off and landed 1 keeper swinging flies with a spey rod! Fished for an hour and a half. Don't go!!!!!!!!!!
  17. doesn't count, nymphed.

  18. Whatever
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  19. I was talking about my fish.
  20. My bad. A fish is a fish swing or nymphing.
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