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  1. Can you name this old school wet fly?


  2. Variation of a Patriot?
  3. Looks like it has a fair amount of pheasant tail in it (LOL it's been WAY long for me looking at any flies so I have no idea to be up front). Doesn't look like a patriot. Not a carey special either with the wet palmered hackle (not sure what feather that is) and thread-looking body.
    Maybe a catskill wet variant?
    Has to be a ton of guys that are more up to speed on that one. Someone speak up! :)

    Edit- looks like nope the catskill apparently it has a golden pheasant tail.
  4. Aha, a down looker...

    PS- SERIOUS old school. Never have fished it.
  5. My guess is a "Catskill" wet fly. :hmmm:
  6. Its similar to a Brown Turkey but it has a tip added that Bergmans dressing did not have and it doesn't use turkey as wing and tail.

  7. You guys are on it, they pretty flys for sure. I'm betting a cutthroat would like these.

    Materials info on the "Down Looker"

    Tip: Orange floss
    Tail: Brown mallard
    Ribbing: None
    Hackle: Brown tied palmer
    Body: Brown floss
    Wing: Brown mallard

    Here is the Cahill


  8. Gadzooks, I couldn't even tell the difference between a cluster of stripped pheasant tail feather pieces and mallard soft feathers.
    Well it was fun seeing some of the real old-school Ray Bergman collection plates again anyways so thanx for the thread :)

    Identifying patterns is not my specialty. However, I am pretty good at thinking about fishing while at work.

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