what salt water boat to get for less than 5,000?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Peter Pancho, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Clint F

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    What ever you choose, do not under power it. I think that is the worst mistake you can make. I have a 12' gregor with a 15 hp outboard and it works great.

  2. Tom Johnston

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  3. Denny

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    I have a 1994 Smokercraft Alaskan 14', and it's rated for a 40hp !! Man, that boat might weigh 300 pounds; it would go like a scalded dog if fitted with a 40! Hmmmm, though I could get to my fishing spots faster . . . (the bass pro approach)
  4. Salmo_Gairdneri

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    No oil changes is definitely true.

    They are also low in cholesterol and fat free I think.

    An OMC -anything- is going to be cheaper than the "equivalent" Yamaha.

  5. here's what looks like a good deal, not too old a boat and newer motors


    thumbs up also for the older Whaler Outrage, model years 1981 - 1992. Awesome all around boats and much lighter than their newer counterparts. Not in your price range and a lot more to move around but great hull.
  6. Peter Pancho

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    This could be the ticket! Thanks dudes and dudettes!
  7. Michael Dunn

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    Looks good. Tell us how it goes.

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    Benn, do you have a pic of your boat? Curious to see what it looks like. Ever since I sold my drift boat, I've been on the trail looking for my first prop boat. I have passed up several deals but its been a couple months of searching. After talking to many folks, testing different hull designs I know what I am looking for. I thought I wanted an open bow design for fly casting, but I also want to be able to do some Neah Bay work and in inclimate weather, having some sort of pilot house or shelter from the elements is a nice option. I've determined that I want to pay a little more to get the 4 stroke Honda or Yamaha, as I believe that no matter how good the hull, its useless with a dead outboard. I really can't stand the smell and exhaust emissions from a 2 stroke but they are light weight and do have some good aspects to them.

    I think 17-18' is ideal, could be Aluminum or Glass with a center or some consul steering, self bailing interior, deep V-hull, 4 stroke outboard, roller Galvi trailer with LED lights and bearing savers, With full electronics: GPS, Sounder, VHF, and electric or manual downriggers and happy kicker plate. I want to be able to take it out to Neah Bay with confidence and also do alot of local fishing. I'll keep looking...