What Sea run Cutthroat Fly Is This?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Jeff Dodd, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. This pattern was reportedly bought at Anil's shop. Does it mimic sculpin? Do you know the pattern name?

  2. "FLY" hope that helps Jeff....
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  3. And it works?
  4. i believe thats called the searun bugger
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  5. I am told it works but I have not fished it. Need to tie a few myself so I don't loose the original.

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  6. I believe it is called the Brown Sculpi-Tard...not to be confused with the Brown Sculpin-Turd
    If it looks like food a Searun will eat it

    I understand one of their favorite meals is clam necks
    I bet when it's wet it kinda looks like one of those

    bet if you tied in orange it would work well
    nice little pattern
  7. Hey Jeff, did you tie up a flat wring?, long distance C&R the other night with a red white and blue grizz hackle flat wring, likely a Coho
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  9. Thank you Pat and Dennis. The fly in my photo is a slight variation of the SBS posted in the link, with a spun deer hair collar behind the head.

    Fortunately this fly is NOT the brown sculpi-tard
  10. Hey Tony. Glad you are loosing flat wings to big fish. I sat at my desk with intentions of tying the Rhody Queen and ended up tying few Humpy Charlie flies for a friend.... can you believe that!
  11. Gary Marston's Sea-Run Bugger.

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