what should my next rod be?

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  1. Well, im offcially infected with the spey bug and am loving life with my scott ls2 1408. Great all around rod, casts well and leaves little to be desired. I am however, ready to purchase another spey or perhaps a switch rod. I am leaning towards a 6wt spey in the 12 foot range.... but the thought of a switch rod has definitely crossed my mind. I would like to be able to use it for summer steelhead work and perhaps maybe the beach as well (if i did the spey)... also, i am curious as to what lines you guys are running on your light weight speys?? skandi? traditional? skagit?

    Any help is appreciated... also, cost is not too bigof an issue as i dont need to fish it untill spring/summer and can peice it together as time and money allow........

    Bring on your reccomendations.
  2. Meiser 126678MKS not a switch but a great summer and winter steel rod,
    Meiser System 6, switch rod and more geared for summer steel,
    Burk 13'3" great all around tool for a spey fool!!
  3. Good question. Unfortunately (IMHO) there's a few different approaches that all make sense.
    I like the idea of switch rods for one rod that would be good for summer steel, fishing for big trout, and beach fishing for certain species. It's the most versatile but not the best rod for any single task. I have both a Meiser and a beulah. I don't think you can go wrong with either. If you think the purpose of the rod is all of these tasks. A nice 6/7 switch would be a kick load of fun with an elixer line. That or a skagit line.

    Scandi rods I'm warming up to. I like these for beach fishing and shooting heads. I think this would best if the function was primarily beach fishing and steelheading secondarily. I have an Echo 2 for beach fishing. I use an airflo 2 hand 40+ beach line with it to bomb overhead casts. While I think the Sacndi rod is a great tool, I don't know how to use the d*#n things. I don't find it free and easy to cast like a nice slow traditional action rod. So there would be the need to learn additional technique.

    For pure casting enjoyment, a nice traditonal action rod in a 6/7 wt. IF I was just summer steelheading, I would go this route. I stay away from ling belly lines with lighter rods. Echo Classic, TFO Deer Creek, CND black spey are all great light rods. I wouldn't use this type of set up for beach work, but different strokes.
  4. I have a CND Solstice in 6/7/8. It is a great medium weight summer rod, smaller fish are still fun and spirited, but its got the backbone to land a steelhead up to probably 15 lbs. It casts great with an airflow delta, and I've tried it with some other lines as well. Just a sweet dryline stick all around. If you want something real small I would say check out the ECHO, the TFO Deer Creek 5/6, the CND black spey and if you're willing to pay top dollar the Sage 6126.

  5. Thomas & Thomas 12' 6wt (DH 1206-3) spey, running a skagit 450 from either airflo or SA in front of a 30lb ridge runner for sink tip work OR beulah elixir/vision ace shooting head (scandi) for floating line work. both options will allow you plenty of variability in covering most summer steelhead water. take a look at the beulah 12'6 7/8 spey as well. great stick.
  6. i somehow knew that when i came home from work tonight, this thread would exist.

    haha, you're far too predictable Jesse. go for the Echo 6wt with a scandi setup. i casted that setup at the creekside spey daze and started trying to justify to myself buying one soon. we'll see how that goes for me
  7. Thanks for all the input fellas..... Evan, I looked at that rod today at PFF, It was ok, however seemed like a very, very slow rod. I will have to line it up and try it out before I do anything..... Im leaning towards the z axis right now, but again, we will see.... may save to money, get a cheaper one and book a trip..... Hard to say...... keep the thoughs and suggestions coming.
  8. I really dig my Snowbee Torridge . It`s a 12ft. , 6/7 . I use a 5/6 Windcutter on it , and think it`s just right . A friend prefers a Delta 6/7 , but I`ve never tried that combo , but will . I also like the rod with scandi heads , I use Hardy , but I`m going to get a Rio 7/8 AFS and start chopping .

    It is a faster action rod (think T&T) , and if that is the action you like , try to hunt one down and put it through it`s paces .
  9. I use the AFS 5/6 on this rod, after also testing a 6/7. The 340gr 5/6 is excellent. I'll leave up to 3' of overhang when using floating or intr polyleaders, less for heavier leaders and flies. Great OH head, too. Also, the Snowbee 44' scando head, and the GPS 5/6 are awesome. The GPS with a type vi is surprisingly comfortable, as long as the fly isn't too heavy.

    Check out speypages for lots of commentary on this rod.

  10. Thanks Tom
    I didn`t know the AFS heads were available in the lighter weights :hmmm:
  11. They are, but only in floaters :(. I just got a 4/5 for my TFO 11' 5wt and a 6/7 for my LL Bean 12'6" 7wt. I wish they had intermediate or sinking versions of these lines. They are nice but is seems that folks are using heavier sizes than they should be- and rio is offering more options on the heavier lines.

    Brian: I think that the 7/8 will be too heavy for your rod if you are casting underhand correctly. Tom's recommendation of the 5/6 is probably going to suit you much better. The more bottom hand you use, the less line weight you need to load the rod - that's part of the beauty of scandi heads.

    Good luck, Eric

    Oh, to answer the original question: If I already had a nice all around, big river/winter spey,then I would go with a summer steel/beach rod in the 11' - 12'6" 6/7 wt range, with a faster action. The Torridge sounds nice, or maybe an 11' 7wt T&T or BIIx switch/spey (you said money wasn't an issue..). Also look at Meiser's highlander series (specifically S2H117567 11'7" 5/7 wt) and the Echo II scandi rods.
  12. I say if you want to really be one of the cool kids on the block go for the Meiser MKS 12'6" 5/6. It will fish summer runs as well as src's on the beaches. When things settle down a little more this will be my first high end spey rod.

    If you want the more affordable version of that hit the TFO Deer Creek 12'6" 5/6 it's comparable to the MKS and is truly a wonderful rod for the price but it's not not a Meiser.

  13. Oh yeah, lines.

    There's a Hardy 5/6 short belly line that does real well with the TFO 5/6 and if you want the skando/skagit deal I like the Airflo ridge running line with either a RIO AFS shooting head or a 400/450 grain skagit head either setup will just want to cast itself.
  14. a 12'6" -13' 6wt or 7wt for summer fishing AND a switch rod for really tight stuff.

    Sell your single handers when you buy a switch.
  15. ya.... ian, now youre talking..... That may be my next rod (mieser) I really like the look of it... and the thought of owning a rod that is obscure sounds pretty nice.
  16. I have the older Sage 6126. I really like it. I haven't tried the new one, but if you can get your hands on this rod, I highly recomend it! Casts well with a 678 windcutter or a 450 Skagit spey. I tried a Mid Spey 6/7 and it sucked!!!

    The smaller Burkheimer is a sweet stick as well.
  17. this man will never own anything but scott rods, and ross reels. that's his comfort zone. i'll be damned if i ever see him with anything else
  18. You know, If it aint broke, dont fix it :thumb:

    HAHA..... I may just opt for the new scott T2H......... But, it seems as though my next reel will not be a ross...... For one reason or another, i just am not that impressed with my CLA's of late..... We will see......
  19. The MKS and Deercreek rods are excellent. I am not familiar with most of the others so I can't comment.

    BUT if price is not a determining factor you really need to consider the 7125-3 for Burkheimer. It is one of the very best 12' 6" 7wts out there.
  20. i would love to have a burkie, the only beef i have is that i own a ls2 8wt....... I feel as if my next rod should be very different from my current rod........ is the difference between a 6 and 8 wt that much greater than a 7 and 8 wt?

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