What size flies?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Thomas Williams, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Thomas Williams Habitual Line Stepper

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    Im just beginning to fish with a spey rod. I have a 500gr Skagit Short on my 12'6" 7wt.
    How heavy of flies will I be able to throw and still cast decently? Should I buy unweighted and fish the sink tips or fish weighted on sink tips as well?
  2. LBC nymphing beads with a spey pole.

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    idk about you, but i fish better when i'm casting well. an unweighted fly will cast better for you w/ a sink tip than a heavily weighted fly and tip. experience will allow you to put bigger heavier flies out there with lower gr weight lines. Ive fished some pretty beefy bugs with a 420 gr and a 5 wt rod with 12' of T 10. I think that you can get down to where the fish are w an unweighted fly and tip in most instances.
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    I fish an Echo TR 7wt and line it with a 520gr skagit and can pretty much fish all the junk I want. It's not pretty, but I can use 12ft of t-14 and a huge lead-eye chicken and still put that crap out there at fishing distance...I think you should be able to fish pretty much whatever you want. Throwing all that junk is really difficult though. When I started spey casting I began trying to throw junk and it made for a very frustrating learning experience.
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    Yes maybe I will start with light tips and small beadless speys.
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    Any fly you want. However, unweighted flies are always easier to cast than weighted ones, but Spey rods make weighted flies a very viable option.

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    Off a sink tip of some sort the weighted vs unweighted fly really comes down to the length of the leader off the tip. Long and an unweighted fly will 'float up' above the tip. Keep your leader down to about 2.5 to 3.5 feet with an unweighted fly.
  7. David Dalan 69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E

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    Great advice. One of the biggest wastes of time (generally speaking) is a sink tip with a long leader. Worst of both worlds...you may snag bottom with the sink tip and still fish too shallow with the long leader. Generally speaking (and IMO) leader length does not affect hookup rates with Steelhead, particularly if conditions merit using a sink tip.
  8. hydrological beads are NOT flies and snagging is just ghetto

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    skagit short hauls a payload like a mack truck. more grains per foot at 20' than the same 500 gr @ longer lengths. think t-14 at 14gr per foot and your head is 25 gr per foot. no prob there. keep the length reasonable and even the heavy bugs fly. trouble with the weighted flies? try an 8' tip instead of 10. forget bout your type 3, 6, or t-8 tips. t-10 might be too light for the real heavy flies. like eveeryone else has said, start with smaller lighter flies and a short leader, well under 4 feet to keep an unwtd fly deep, but big heavy bugs also come out of the water easier, and turn over better when they're closer to the end of yor tip. two feet is not too short when you're fishing deep with heavy flies.
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  9. Thomas Williams Habitual Line Stepper

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    Lots of good advice here thanks everyone.