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  1. So I finally took the leap and purchased my first Spey rod although as of now its still a clean blank. I am looking to build this rod in the next few months to kill some time while here in Iraq. This being my first spey rod and not knowing much other than they are cast with two hands, I dont know much else. So my question to you all is what size reel would you recommend I put on this rod, as well as line set up. The rod is a Winston IBIS 12"6' 6wt. Any advise would be appreciated, thank you in advance!

    P.S. I have very limited access to WFF if you have any advice please email me sean_k07@yahoo.com

  2. Spey lines are pigs in their need for line capacity, and the longer belly the line, the worse they are. Even for a 6-weight spey system, that's true. Most of the reels you consider will be rated according to single-hand criteria. So look for a reel rated for a 9 or 10 line plus at least 175 yards of backing. Such a reel will weigh from 7 to 9 ounces. Omygod, he's describing a big saltwater fly reel for my little six-weight spey rod! Yes, I am; and it will be a good fit.
  3. Dude, you already have the reel. That's the BG-6, plenty big enough for your line and some backing. Lines will vary. I have some charts that I will find that came from Rio with their recommendations for their own, specific lines but they run pretty true. Keep the head down, buddy and I'll see you when you get back.
  4. Ross Big Game 6 is an excellent reel for the 13' range rods.
  5. I've got a CLA 4 for my 6wt Z-axis and it works great.
  6. To be more clear its a Ross CLA 4.
  7. I have Lamson 3.5s on my little ones, 4s on my mid size rods, go up to 7/8s with them and some heavy skagit heads.
    Meiser S2H is a beautiful and affordable option for spey rods, check em out.

    stay safe
  8. Steve, I was originally going to use my BG-6 but I have had a hell of a time finding spools for it. I have also considered purchasing a 10wt and buy enough spools so I have a dual purpose reel, not only for the spey but I’m also looking for something to put on a 10wt rod I picked up. I am trying to keep a reasonable budget and thinking about either the CLA or a Konic I also found a Lamson Radius but, I am not that familiar with that reel. Any other suggestions are welcome and thanks to all for your responses.
  9. Tioga 8 Regula OR Magnum. Works on everything up to my 13' should work for your 6#. Weight could be adjusted w/ some lead core line under the backing or similar. Easy on the wallet and take a beating.

    Ebay has some right now I think
  10. Sean, If you're really budget minded you might look for an old Pfluger Medalist 1498. They were rated for 10 wt. lines. I loaded one with backing and an Delta Spey 6/7 for use on my Lamiglass 12.5' 6 weight. I paid about $25 for it on ebay. By today's standards it would be considered a mid arbor reel. Take care. Dave
  11. Sean, I think you can purchase spools directly from Ross. They are expensive, of course, but you will probably pay that much for another reel. I have a couple of Ross CLA #7 reels ($290) that I use for my spey rods. They are a bit larger but work fine and the drags are pretty good. There is also a Momentum 8 in the classified ads for around $300. That's the reel I used when we went tuna fishing this past summer. I guess it depends on your budget. I have a Ross Gunnison 5 that I use on my 12'6 Z-Axis. It's awesome but really difficult to find since it's a pre-97 model. I got it for about $150 last year on e-Bay. Look around and see what you can find but I think you have the reel already.
  12. Steve, I picked up an ex-spool for my BG-6 that I found on ebay. I also purchased the Lamson Radius and one extra spool for that reel as well. I need one more spool for the Radius and I will be set. (MRFC sold me their last spool in #4) Now Im on the hunt for a Galvan Torque 5 spool at a reasonable price.
  13. Nice shopping! You are really set, now. The next thing is to get back home and fish!
  14. Steve I brought a 6wt with me and have been able to fish over here a couple times when I am not super busy. There are some ponds here in Baghdad you can check out some of the fish on the Baghdad fly fishing clubs web site.
  15. the Deschutes angler has a handy little breakdown on what type weight spey line the reels they sell will hold. its a handy little cheat sheet its right next to the QTY/price choices before you click to put in the shopping cart.:thumb:
    and while your at it look at those loop evotec G4's they sure are purty.
  16. Man, I hope you are keeping yourself safe. Send me some pictures if you get a chance. I don't think that is a trip I want to make. By the way, my brother was so stoked over the tuna trip that he has already lined up a bunch of his friends for one next summer. Go figure.
  17. That Tuna trip was great, I will probably schedule a trip again next year, although my priority next fall is to tear up the New England coast and Montauk NY chasin Stripers.
  18. Sean, I'm with Steve on that one. Stay safe and come home to do your fishing. The NE trip sounds interesting. My father in law puts in a lot of time fishing stripers along the short NH coastline. He loves it.

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