What slip bobber do you recommend

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  1. and how do you rig it? Interested in fishing between 10-30 feet.


  2. Jerry Metcalf

    Jerry Metcalf FishyJere

    I recommend the releasing bobbers I get from Waters West in Port Angeles. I use the large and Medium, the small is too small. You can Google Waters West and get the contact info.

    They work as well as or better than most, wear slowly and are pretty cheap. They sell them each so you can get what you need. I only fish them to a little over 20 feet, any more and I go with a full sink line straight down. Bobber fishing at 30' is just not manageable.

    Install the bobber first, the small end of the plug toward the rod tip. Add chironomids, perhaps a split shot if you are going deep and lob cast away. Don't try to cast these things too far, it doesn't help and makes the takes harder to see.
  3. ryfly

    ryfly Addicted to flyfishing

    One can fish a bobber at 30' but a boat is preferred. I agree on the vertical presentation using a full sink. All you need is an anchor and some forceps. A fish finder helps to ensure that you are actually fishing to fish that are there.
  4. troutpocket

    troutpocket Active Member

    The type I've been using the past couple years are sold as crappie floats. Teardrop shaped with a bright orange ring on the top. I like them better than the round ones because the teardrop shape leans at the slightest touch to the flies below. They rig up the same as the type in the fly shops. I'm not sure where to get them other than from Ira's stash :)

    Regarding fishing indicators with 30' of leader . . .I've seen it done. Helps to use a switch rod and fish out of a boat that you can stand in.
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  5. pond monkey

    pond monkey Member

    If you use a tapered type of quick release bobber, I like to install with fat end up (it's bigger and shows up better at a distance) plus the peg being, down will stop at the fly or the barrel swivel…and not allow the body to float off on it's own..
  6. David Loy

    David Loy Senior Moment

    I believe the bobbers JM recommends from Waters West (where I bought several packs from) were designed by Phil Rowley, Chiro expert, and he recommends what PM recommends, putting the peg down, as it casts better (fewer hangups). Surf youtube and you'll find his vid.
    Here's a link to Phil & Brian's webstore, if you want to order some:
    Some local shops carry them though, I think.
  7. Lue Taylor

    Lue Taylor Lue Taylor/dbfly

    Scuba gear and a spear works best at 30ft
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  8. Lue Taylor:

    For your information I watched a guide catch numerous rainbows indicator fishing between 22-28 feet at an Eastern WA lake last fall. Maybe you can tell him how to fish.


  9. Jerry Metcalf

    Jerry Metcalf FishyJere

    I have no action here, but I note that the bobbers from WW are a lot cheaper. http://waterswest.com/store/index.p...20_129&zenid=d5dc5fbbddda03201aaa8d41c25e6582

    To clarify, the bobber is round or oval. The peg has a big end and a small end, it is tapered. You thread the line through a hole in the center of the peg. You then make a small loop of leader and press the peg into the foam bobber which traps the loop in a friction fit. The fish grabs the fly which pulls the peg out of the bobber body and frees the bobber to slide on the leader.

    With oval bobbers there is a fat end to the bobber and a fat end to the peg. You will have to work it out... Putting the peg down (fat end of the peg) means putting the small end of the peg up - toward your rod tip.

    Good luck and don't drink while fishing or you will loose concentration on the bobber.
  10. Thanks Jerry. Very helpful information.


  11. pond monkey

    pond monkey Member

    The peg will work from either end of a tapered indicator body (does not have to be installed on the big end…)…the hole is the same diameter throughout….I submit it is best for the peg to be down with the big end up as it will be easier too see ( more bobber/ color exposed) plus the bobber body isn't so likely to be set free as the peg will always be between the body and the fly….simple concept......
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  12. Irafly

    Irafly Active Member

    Chuck, you seem new here so I'll give you a bit of a chance, but if you had been here longer you would have easily known that Lou was just joking around, your response seems a bit contrite.

    Now to answer your questions: http://www.floatsunlimited.com/p125r-25.html

    These as you can see are far cheaper than Waters West, but they are not likely of the same quality. I've found that there seems to be two different levels of foam. Waters West most likely has a harder foam and therefor the indicator's ability to "hold" the line will last longer. Although at 27 cents a piece versus 75 cents each you'll get more use in the long run with the Comal Tackle float.

    I like to use the larger, two tone, pear shape indicators because they are easier to see and micro twitches are easier to detect.
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  13. pond monkey

    pond monkey Member

    If cost is an issue , it is so easy to make your own (quick/ self releasing) bobbers just using corkies (steelhead drift bobber)….some are foam core ad some are cork ( I prefer foam)….just drill 'em out ( to accommodate a tapered peg) and smooth the area around the hole with sandpaper and use tapered pegs….they last forever….I personally prefer the standard light weight factory "quick release" bodies since they are so lightweight……but if you don't mind a little heavier bobber….then using corks are great,,,
  14. Stonefish

    Stonefish Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater

    Corkies haven't been made out of cork in years. You'll have to dig into someone's old stash to fine them. You might just find some oakie drifters as well.
    Another option if you are a DIY person are Cheaters. They don't have the hard finish that corkies have. They are very similar in shape and feel to the quick release indicators.
    Local gear shops can order bulk packs for you.
  15. Lue Taylor

    Lue Taylor Lue Taylor/dbfly

    Thanks Ira. Fishing 30ft is just the depth I try to stay away from since there has to be some 20ft water near even that is just too much leader for me and I have fish the deep portion of Pass Lake hooked quite few fish but ideal is 12-15ft lot more fun but lately I have just been sore mouthing them, 30 ft down your indicator does not release got a pig of a fish on using 6 or 7X using a 10 ft rod just where I want to be, Because everyone knows you never landing that fish
  16. Steve Kokita

    Steve Kokita FISHON206

    I'll accept that challenge Lue! Send that big ol fish my way!
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  17. Triggw

    Triggw New Member

    Plumbobber. https://www.feather-craft.com/wecs.php?store=feacraft&action=display&target=HD415

    The rigging instructions are included in the package. Very easy. There's no peg. You slide a piece of plastic tubing on the "stem" over a loop in the leader. It's very reliable. Always releases when fish hooked; rarely releases while casting. You can also rig it in non-slip mode so it doesn't release when fishing shallower water. I've fished to 20 ft. The only negative is it also usually releases on a missed strike, so you have to pull it in and reset. I would think that would be true of any release bobber, though.

  18. Lue Taylor

    Lue Taylor Lue Taylor/dbfly

    Everyone who do not take this site for what it is for Informative, Entertaining & friendly please send me your secret fishing spot I promise not to share them with the likes of Steve, Tim, Ira, Mark, Jeff, Rodney and others I have met on this site
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  19. zen leecher aka bill w

    zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

    I'm not a big fan of the stemmed slip indicators. If the long part is on the top side of the indicator a lot of the time the leader gets tangled up with it. My guess is those who use this style aren't fishing chronies and just lobbing a fly, splitshot, stemmed indicator in running water.
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  20. pond monkey

    pond monkey Member

    totally agree ….those stemmed indicators are very clunky for a flyrod...

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