What straight men think of Subaru Outbacks

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Daniel Nelson, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. this is kinda spin off from the thread "what gay men think of fly tying".

    Ive been thinking of buying a Subaru Outback for fishing and other outdoor purposes. I have alway been a Jeep guy and currently own a V8 grand cherokee. The V8 part is starting to get old with the current gas prices and the fact that most good trout/salmon/steelhead fishing is 2-3 hours away from my house. Ive been checking out Subaru Outbacks and the gas mileage smokes my jeeps. they pretty much have the same ground clearance, close to the same amount of cargo capacity, and there both AWD. "My problem is everyone thinks "wagons are for 60 year old ladies" and "subaru outback are for lesbians only". All my buddies keep raggin me even when i bring up the thought of purchasing one. I have never owned a car only jeep and toyota suv's.
    what do you guys think of the Outback? I am also open to other suggestions on vehicles that have good gas mileage, 4WD/AWD, and cargo room.
  2. You would have to change your name though.. Like LesbianratedSubaru
  3. I drive an outback sport and love it. Great gas mileage handles well in snow and fun to drive. Not as much cargo space at the outback, but still lots of room.
  4. I drive an Outback and I'm neither gay or lesbian, I'm just old.

  5. I too am non gay/ lesbian and drive an Outback. Its badass the thing will do whatever you need it to. I bought one after reluctantly parting ways with my 86 FJ60 Landcruiser for the same reason you are thinking; gas prices.
  6. A couple thoughts on Outbacks, and fishing rigs in general, kinda my way of looking at things for a fishing vehicle. I think the Outbacks would be a great fishing vehicle in most respects, and the AWD would kick the crap out of the so called 4wd on my explorer which is useful but has it's, um, limitations. But the Outback, while it has found it's way onto my short list of rigs to contemplate buying, has a single limitation that steers me away from it - not quite long enough to sleep full length in the back when I'm doing overnight stuff. Another consideration is towing capacity, if you have any boats or whatnot to pull around. Screw what your buddies say, get the rig that works for you - and if there's room for you and the girlfriend in the back, too, what the hell... I don't think they can play the "outbacks are gay" card in that case.

    hth :beer2:
  7. Wagons are dope. Not just for old people at all. Foresters are the lesbian subaru. Not outbacks.

    You could always just go for a WRX Wagon. Quick on its feet, AWD, and a wagon with cargo room.
  8. I don't know about "gay", but the gal next door has the "Outback". I have driven it on occasion and thought it performed well. They both did.
  9. cool
  10. str8, gay, old, young, male, female, black, white, peurto rican, or asian. These cars are EVeRYWHERE in this town, and every other mountain ski town I know of. They are great rides. and safe. Wouldnt be a first choice for towing things though.
  11. Just because subaru outbacks work great for carpooling to Seattle Storm games doesn't mean they aren't awesome for getting you to your fishing destination - they are by the way. I had a subaru forester until my third son arrived that I absolutely loved - some of my friends gave me that homomobile razzing as well. Now my fishing vehicle of choice is a mini-van (AKA the Millenium Falcon) Works good for hauling kids around too when the seats are in it and the gear is in the garage. Now my friends razz me because I am going bald and drive a mini van (the bald jokes seem to bother me more than the gay ones). If your friends are anything like mine, they will find a way to make fun of you no matter what you are driving or your circumstances are and they would expect the same of you.
  12. I'm ok with the gay aspects of Subaru Outbacks...it is the problem of getting all those old Kerry/Edwards stickers off the bumper that turn me off.
  13. naughty neighbor!

    I wish I had an outback instead of a pathfinder. My non gay friend from MT has one. Great rig with goat like capabilities.
  14. I tried to convince my wife that her next car should be an Outback. She wasn't having it because "Only lesbians drive Lez-barus."

    I thought about buying one myself instead of a truck, but then I realized only lesbians drive Subarus.
  15. If the only hesitation about owning an Outback is the perceived image, just put an NRA sticker on the bumper be done with it. They've always seemed like practical rigs to me, and I'd probably own one except that I prefer to buy American made vehicles that are assembled in Mexico;)
  16. i have thought about the WRX and WRX wagon, but neither have the ground clearance as the Outback. Another reason im hesitant on purchasing the Outback is towing capabilities. If i ever buy a drift boat would the outback be strong enough to tow it. I would probably buy an 2005 2.5L XT version.

    over here in my parts, Outbacks and Forrester are more or less driven by the funny kind of people. Minnesota is the rival contended to San Fransico as the gay capital of the world. Not that im a homophobe, but i really dont wanna be driven around "frontin" a different life style.
  17. can you fit a inflated float tube in the back?
  18. Had an outback for 3 years until a guy crashed with me really bad. I think the car saved my life, the back part was totally destroyed, but when you go for subaru, it's all about safety. They can handle some really nasty terrain with their traction system, it's awesome.

    Gl with your purchase, and it's an awesome car. :)

    The forester by the way , is incredible. Ask for a good test drive
  19. I rock it old school with a '90 Loyale.... the only thing gay about Subies, are the people that drive them. Mine has gone everywhere, it has nearly 300k.
  20. Get an Outback and get new buddies. :thumb:


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