What straight men think of Subaru Outbacks

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Daniel Nelson, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Hem

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    Any association persons have between sexual preference and outbacks is utterly silly.The outback IS the vehicle of choice in my part of Montana.It is the safest,most reliable and durable option for a station wagon.I bought my wife one and love when I can drive it.The clearnce is the only thing that holds it back...that is if you compare it to a bonafide 4wd.Many times I have seen subarus pass by guys with their pimped out "manly" trucks on bad roads.That is where the attitude comes from,some guys just can't stand the thought.Oh yeah, I also own a full size Dodge pick-up,hands down, I'd rather drive the outback.My 2cents. Hem
  2. not a bad idea. maybe i should trade in some of my gear fishing buddies for some fly fishing subaru driving guys.
  3. Kent Lufkin

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    My wife and I bought a 2001 Outback LL Bean edition new with the 6 cyl motor. At just over 100K miles, I'd never consider it as a fishmobile. Here's why:

    It's got low ground clearance so unless all you're using it for is drive-to fishing destinations, it's not gonna be worth much offroad. The front seats are really cramped: I'm 6' and wearing a baseball hat, my head touches the headliner while the bottom of the steering wheel rests on my knees. And the 4-speed auto never seems to be able to find the right gear in hilly driving.

    On the plus side, the full-time AWD and ABS are outstanding. I put new Michelin HydroEdge tires on it just in time for our snow back in December. It was absolutely the best snow car I've ever been in.

  4. Old Man

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    I had a 92 Legecy wagon. I went everyplace with it. But it finally died and I had to get rid of it. What I really liked about it was I could stick a 9' fly rod in it with out taking it apart. I was always rigged up ready to go.

    But now I have a pick-me-up with a can-o-pee on the back which I have to stay out of the snow with because it is only two wheeled drive. But that is alright because now I know my limitions. Oh, I can stick me fly rod in the back as long as I keep both windows open.

  5. i wouldnt think the ground clearance would be a problem, maybe the front bumper would be an issue? I compared the ground clearance to some of my other vehicles of choice and the outback was always within 2 inches of the compared vehicles, sometimes a couple inches more.
    i dont think i would ever encounter anything to difficult off road. maybe a minimum maintainance forrest roads. Most of all the off road stuff around here is pretty easy to navigate. the only difficult stuff would be deep snow and spring season mud.
  6. sroffe

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    I'd get a Outback in a heartbeat if I didn't already have a truck.
  7. fatguide

    fatguide fish or DIE

    I bought a 90' Legacy new, have over 200k on it. I've towed both driftboats and rafts with three guys and fishing gear in it guiding. The only complaint I have with it is the trailer hitches back then were all aftermarket and Subaru never put any reinforced attachment points on it. With the uni-body construction one whole side ripped loose and I had to reinforce it.
    When we bought a new rig in 06' my wife asked if we were going to sell the Subie, my response then is the same as now....why? It only costs me insurance to drive.

    Oh, and I guess I have to admit I'm a lesbian (I prefer women).
  8. sroffe

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    I'm trying to get my gear head buddy to flyfish. I think it only fair, since when I go with him, I gear fish.

  9. IveofIone

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    I would have to agree with sroffe. You don't wear your buddies skivvies or walk in their shoes-why use their feeble brains to decide what you should drive? If it fits go for it. But like Kent says the seats are miserable for anything over about a 29" inseam. I was at the Auto Show last week and tried the '09 model hoping for some improvement. The seats are still short and cramped.

    I am amused by the station wagon phobia that often gets mentioned when referring to Subies. Like it was a fatal social gaffe to own one. Get a grip-all SUVs are 'station wagons'. From Escalades to Escapes all are wagons and the addition of 4wd drive didn't make them less of of wagon but more. And they are still about the most useful and practical rig that you can own.

    Back when Ford began selling the Explorer as an SUV, wagon sales reached epic proportions. They were selling at a rate of one every 70 seconds or so around the clock 365 days a year. To a nation that hated station wagons. Are we that shallow or what?

  10. Matthew Gulbranson

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    I have an old Subaru Loyale Wagon, and that thing will go just about anywhere. The only bummer is it won't tow anything. I have seen Outbacks tow some pretty heavy boats though, but nothing over 20 ft. Saw a guy towing an 18 ft sailboat that he brought up from Oregon...not bad. When my Loyal goes to the grave I am definitely finding an outback or something similiar...maybe even a forester :eek:

  11. should be a problem since im only 5' 7 1/2".
  12. alright..what about a volvo x70c. like the newers ones 2003 or newer? anyone have any opinions on them?
  13. Dizane

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    Nice thread title.:rofl:

    A dude driving a Subaru with a "Yes, I am a lesbian" bumper sticker would actually be kinda funny.

    Gayest comment of the thread. Good job Mumbles.:thumb::rofl:
  14. Mike T

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    Driving over I-90 last winter in the Elk Heights area it was quite icy. I drove past 4 Subaru's that were off the road. I could only assume that they were shitty snow cars or that lesbians can't drive worth shit. I still don't know which it was...

    FWIW our hetero Tahoe did just fine.
  15. Porter

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    yeah right .......wishing others to go brokeback in an outback.... lets stick to horses on that one. Matter of fact lets Matt Burke show you at the HOH with OMJ and Mumbles what it is all about :clown: (JK'ing of course)
  16. Jergens

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    Crappy drivers, subaru's are unbelievable in the snow, if you know how to drive.
  17. wolverine

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    I guess Randy Newman was wrong with his "short people got no reason to live" lyrics as they do have Subaru's. For those that are not vertically challenged they are not good for anything other than short trips to the store.
  18. Ringlee

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    I have an outback. It is a sweet fishing rig. Good Gas mileage, great handling. I have a rack to hold my rods and a box to keep more gear. Seats fold completely flat and I can sleep back there.
  19. Jim Speaker

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    I agree it was crappy drivers. From what I've observed when someone that doesn't know shit about driving in the snow and ice gets a vehicle with a 4WD or AWD logo on it they suddenly think all the rules (i.e. physics) don't apply to them. Ya see these jackasses go by at 60 mph and a while later see them off the road...
  20. Mike Danahy

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    my girlfriends outback gets better gas mileage than my ranger, has close to the same clearance, handles better in the snow, the awd beats the hell outta my 4wd, and with 80,000 more miles on it (both of us are over a hundred) it runs smoother, and has had less done to it. I used to hate station wagons but the outbacks are the sh*t. And the new ones are supposedly almost completely recyclable. They won't put out a hybrid until they they can figure out what to do with the battery.