What straight men think of Subaru Outbacks

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Daniel Nelson, Feb 21, 2009.

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    Just bought an 01 Subaru Outback Limited last July (gotta have the heated leather seats, and dual sunroofs ;) ) Mine is also a 5-spd which I insisted on having when I was searching. Handles amazingly in the snow if you know how to drive. I myself have seen many subarus in ditches, likely caused by the "I have AWD so I can do anything" mentality. Shoot, it even matches my latest toy:

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    My first 4wd vehicle was a '68 International Scout and I've owned one 4x or another for most of the last 30 years. Right now I own an F150 with a cap on the back.

    Until last spring I also owned a luxury car with a V8 that I bought to make my daily drive from North Bend to Bellevue a little more comfortable. When the weather got ugly and the roads slippery, I'd park that car and drive the truck. The car got a few miles on it, gas prices went through the roof and I was feeling a little guilty about driving this big global warmer, so I traded it in for an Outback.

    It's certainly no luxury car and it groans a little going over Tiger Mountain at 75. I hate that about it, but I bought it with open eyes in that regard. But since I bought it, I can probably count on my fingers the number of times I've driven my truck. I drove it through the snow all December and it's literally unbelievable. The roads were empty, no one came to work and the only thing I was worried about was getting too cocky because this thing was -- there's no other word -- unbelievable.

    Like I said, I've driven 4wd vehicles my whole life. I know how to work them and I know the physics involved in making them work. The traction on this Subaru is physics defying. I don't understand it. I took it in places that were absolute skating rinks -- places where, with other vechicles, I would have had to think about hard to move around -- and never slipped an inch. All with these dumbshit little stock street tires.

    A few weeks ago I loaded up my truck in the wee hours of the morning and got ready to head over to Rocky Ford. But since the truck had spent the last couple of months buried in the snow, the battery was completely dead. Since I wasn't going to sleep in it or tow anything this trip, I just grabbed my gear and loaded it in the Outback with no reservations.

    I'm gonna have to change my answer, ma'am. I honestly thought I was a cowboy. Turns out I'm a lesbian.
    -- Punchline to an old joke.
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    Buy a 4 runner and save yourself.
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    What everybody else said about long legs is true, but at your height not a problem.

    I used to have a VW Quantum wagon (predecessor to the Passat). It's just enough longer that you could sleep in the back (if you took the bottom half the back seats out) and there was plenty of leg room in the front seats.
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    Subaru has a kick ass factory in Indiana, ZERO impact or so their commercials say. Don't they come standard with rainbow license plate holders? I'm secure with my own sexuality, who cares what others think, if you want one and it fills your needs, buy it.
  6. I like my Forrester, but I'm short so I can stretch out in sleep in the back holds all the camping and fishing gear I need. Good in snow, but ice is ice and not much you can do on that if you hit it fast.
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    Is it true that when you buy one they make you sign an legal contract agreement to get a Labrador and a Yakima cargo box? Just asking.
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    I have a 2008 Outback and have used it to tow both my Clackacraft and my Raft with no problems but I never use it to tow over the pass I use My Truck for that as it would be a bit much for the Little car. I have 20,000 miles on the Outback and love it.
    But I keep both my boats on the eastside and the way the Canyon take outs have been looking lately I have been using my Truck for floats the last few times.


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    Not sure about the contracts but I hear you get your choice of stickers when you buy a new subaru...... Anti Bush, Stop this "Senseless War", the "Equal Sign"...."Obama". Just to name a few. :thumb:

    Actually, I like the concept of the car, gas mileage, styling etc.... But I hear they go through head gaskets. Someone may have already mentioned that, but i'm not about to read all five pages. Wow.
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    The dog and I were up along the NF Snoqualmie county road this morning on our way to fish a little brookie lake when I came upon this otherwise hetersexual rig lying on its lid. The usually potholed road had just been graded so it must have been a couple of drunken lesbians driving it.


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    Serves them right for driving a Ford! HA! ........I'm getting ready to duck. :rofl:
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    The way the skid mark ends, and the other two little tiny tire marks up on the road are... weird. I'd love to see a shot from 50' back...
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    I saw one today with plates that said "Pooberu" and had bear stickers all over it. No lesbo's but it looked like some great dating material for some of you Sub guy's.
  14. Randall Dee Castaway

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    Oh yeah, I see matching suburu's and TWO Labradors in the future of some young beautiful people's future. Nice couple!
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    Had a 99 Outback and sold it a year later due to lack of power of having 4 dudes in the car and 100lbs of gear in the back, very Gutless, but drives awesome when your by yourself.

    Gas is cheap nowadays so get a Toyota 4Runner or comparable and call it a day, I did! It will be your last vehicle you will ever need.

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  16. Kevin J. Burnham Active Member

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    Good rigs have owned a couple. But why not a truck. Way better !!!!
  17. Denny Active Member

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    Which engine do you have? I've heard that Subaru's don't actually get very good mileage. You're 20-25 seems better than what I've heard from others. Chris Puma, who used to post on here, had a Subaru and he to;d me that he thought the Subaru is over-hyped. The gas mileage wasn't that great (he was getting high teens), and it's towing capacity was low. I didn't know Chris at all and his driving habits. The Subaru discussion was going on this forum something like a year ago or so, and he PM'ed me this info when I asked how he liked his Outback . . .

    If the gas mileage is really 18-22, which I understand is typical for a Sube, why not get a V6Highlander? Same gas mileage, more room, more towing capacity, third seat option. Or, if gas mileage is a big deal, the hybrid Highlander and the hybrid Escape/Mariner seem much better options (the Escape is a 30+ mpg rig).
  18. Trent Ugly member

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    Get a geo metro/tracker. The metro can get you to most (if not all) fishing spots. You might have to walk a little further at times, but the automatic 3cyl gets 30+ mpg and the manual 5 speed 3cyl gets about 45-50+ mpg. My grampa uses a geo tracker 4x4 and gets around 40 mpg. If you do get one don't make the same mistake I did, get the manual. If you do get a manual and don't like it I'll trade you my automatic. As far as cargo goes, you could get one of those car-top carriers.
  19. Buck "Ride'n Dirty."

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    Toyota wants to much $$ for the Highlander. I'd go with the the v-6 4 runner.
  20. Randall Dee Castaway

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    That's the way I feel about it. If you're only getting 18-22 mpg then you could get a lot of rigs that make a much better SUV including a full size pickup with a canopy that can get similar mpg. Full size pickups just don't make very good daily drivers. So, like everything, it comes down to what is going to be most important. Easy daily drive-ability, or full/mid size comfort and carrying capacity. `