WHAT TFO Switch Rod should I choose?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by bigtroutchaser, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. Hello friends.

    So, I attended a local fly fishing event and WON! any TFO factory rod I wanted. AND...I need a switch stick for the Deschutes and larger trout.

    My question is: What model of their DEER CREEK Series would you select?

    Your sage input is most appreciated.

    Here is their link:


    Thanks much!
  2. i hated that rod, it was terrible
  3. too soft and the handle were chincy as hell
  4. 'Noche you're a hell of a buzzkill :p
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  5. i am just giving my opinion, im also the guy who loves echo Tr's
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  6. Im just ball bustin.
  7. See if they can give you the money for the rod and invest it in something better.
  8. Get rod in 7, toss on ebay, buy Echo?
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  9. I love my Deer Creek rods. So there you go.
  10. I have only spent time with the 5 and 7wt DC switch rods and liked them both. Go with the 7wt and you will have a rod that could toss some winter weight if you need it.
  11. Congrats on winning a free rod. If your looking for a trout rod I'd go with the 4wt.
  12. Thanks guys. I KNOW it isn't a high-end stick, but not having any switcheroo........I do have a Dec Hogan 13', 7weight for winter....just trying to decide for bigger trout and summer steelie stick.
  13. I guess it depends on what a "bigger trout" means to you. The 6wt should be a fine summer run size rod. I've caught a number of hefty bulls on mine. But for a more trouty stick, the 4 or 5 would probably be better.
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  14. Agree = 5wt. 6 is a bit much for trout, and the 4 is too light for any but the smallest 1 salt Steelhead. And I suggest you use cork sealer on the handle when you get the rod. Very good advice from Mike Kinney that I'm just passing along.
  15. +1 on the cork sealer. The rods are better than average but the cork isn't very good. It has a tendency to pit early so I suppose they use a lot of filler in the handles. The components aren't top quality, either but the blanks are nice.
  16. I'll agree with the cork issues. On the other hand, I personally don't notice that stuff too much. Sure, it'd be nice if it was a little better quality. But overall, I don't think about cork too much when I'm fishing. It's more one of those "things you think about when you are looking at a rod in the garage".
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  17. agreeing with above, great rods with below average corks. For the D I'd get the 6. Just because of wind. Allows use of a bigger fly/heavier tip too.
    Meiser designed blanks are caster's rods, they don't like mullocking. None of them.
  18. Appreciate the info much! Next I'll be asking about lines for summer steelies!
  19. Rage or ambush, you could do a Scandi if you only fish when wind isn't an issue but then you won't be fishing much on the D

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