What the heck is going on in Seattle?

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  1. Upton you can store all of your sxs's and hunting rifles at my place. I'll take good care of them. Honest
  2. One wonders where these groups get their "data"...

    They would be better off saying "if you're gonna get a gun, get some training." When some half baked gun owner screws up it makes all of us look bad it the public eye.
  3. Ah, man, don't even get me started. And let you "store" my sxs? Yeah, that'll happen. (You can have my sxs's when you pry my cold dead fingers off of them.) The next time we hunt together here are the rules: sxs only and nothing bigger than a 20 gauge. I'll LOAN you a sxs if need be.

    No, seriously, Seattle is one goofy place with incredible restaurants. If my wife didn't have the job she has we'd be LONG gone from this place. I believe I am the only gun owner on my entire block if you can believe it. If there is ever a really devastating earthquake here I know a few folks that will probably line up hoping to borrow one of my guns to protect themselves from the looting that will happen. This city is much closer to being a "post Katrina New Orleans" than a town leveled by a tornado in Kentucky. And we keep letting these sexual predators out on the streets with a "Well, our budget cuts won't let us evaluate them or keep them locked up." See, you lit the very short fuse, didn't you? :p
  4. Me & my guns will stay in the "Wild East" I reckon. Your sxs girlie-gauge shotguns would be better off with someone like me Karl, where they would have similar friends & a nice old guy who understands them. Sorry, Tom . . .
  5. Simple and well stated as always Mr. Roper.
  6. Jim, I have a couple of larger "manly man" guns with more capacity for those days my testosterone levels are elevated. It only happens on rare occasion or waterfowling. If I tell you that you, Tom and Roper were in my will but I'd turn up dead somewhere too soon.

    I found my state firearm safety card from the early 1960's. They taught the class in PE in junior high school using real firearms at the school. The class was required unless parents asked in writing for their kids to be excused. Did you know that West Seattle High School had a rifle team back in the 50's and early 60's? Now you bring a doll holding a gun (GI Joe) to school holding you get suspended. Just crazy. Of course, the kids can play those really graphic, violent videos on their smartphones. (my rocket hasn't burned out yet...)
  7. Girlie guns, eh? well! Da NOIVE a` some people! Of course, if I had sixty/seventy grand floating around, I wouldn't mind going for a Purdy or an H&H Royal in 12bore, at about 6 pounds, maybe less! Nah, you can keep the cannons, Jim; I'm in love with my 28bore Belgian!
  8. Fascitelli's a useless twit, wasting air that decent people could use. This is an EXTREMELY sore subject with me: in Vietnam, I saw first hand the results of what happens to people who disagreed with a political position, and were not able to defend themselves, and still have nightmares after 40-some odd years. Nope, if these motherfuckers ever come for my weapons, my target envelope opens at 1000 meters, and I don't waste time on center-mass shots; bring bags, you're gonna need them-lots of them. Sorry for the rant, guys. Like I said, it's a really sore subject, and I guess I must put out some serious vibes=my "therapy" dog just got off the couch and came over to sit beside me!!
  9. Alex think you have a simple case of cabin fever. when you are a bit more mobile we should get out and shoot a few rounds of skeet and or trap.

    great Point Roper. Safety, safety, safety. Case in point. Just last week went out of town for work. My wife wanted me to give her my new Volquartsen rifle for protection when I was away.(She likes it because it has a red stock) Anyway I told her no despite her constantly asking for it. I said no because she was unfamiliar with it and had not yet practiced with it.

    I gave her a simple 22 mag revolver with a 12 lb trigger for protection years ago. She shoots it well and I make sure she understands how it functions , cleans it after shooting and understands how to clear a malfunction if one arises.

    And no am not a paranoid gun nut. We have had quite a few residential burgs in my area the past few years. Some with owners who were home.
  10. When I'm gone, my wife sleeps with a S&W 45 revolver instead of me (and she is well trained to use it) but the last time I came home from a trip and pulled down the covers on my side of the bed I was a little surprised to see Mr S&W staring at me! (I always call if I'm coming home early!) Gosh, I traded my Winchester 20 GA Pigeon Grade Model 23 SXS for an O/U Beretta 20 GA-will you guys still let me hunt with you? (I know Roper will!) I promise to bring my Cortona 28 GA! Rick
  11. Alex, Just put a sign on your gate: "If you can read this you're in-range."
  12. Jim, thats a damn good idea. I've spent the last 2 years in downtown Seattle and a lot of people that I work with think i'm wierd. Yes, it could be that i'm from the south and talk strange. But probably also the fact that I openly talk about hunting and fishing, I can tell that it bothers some people. I really enjoy those days in the lunch room when i bring in the leftover deer or duck... I guess I'm a bit of an Ass when is comes to that crap. I agree with Mr. Roper, without training you're gonna either kill yourself or someone else. On that note i'd be happy to go out and shoot with any of you guys anytime, provided that you enjoy good old fashioned bull-$hit and drink whiskey (with an "e".)
  13. And only one dislike so far from anti-gun Seattle crew. Surprised

    Thanks FB! Confirmed my suspicions
  14. I was just thinking, if you put up a target opposite the gate and shot a few holes into it, the sign could say "If you can read this then you are in my field of fire and, as you can see, the range is hot."
  15. I like the one with a muzzle on it that says "Smile...wait for flash".
  16. This thread is one of the reasons I live in the hills north of Sedro Woolley. I know all of my neighbors and all of them are armed. Sometimes on the weekends it can sound a bit like a small town on the border with Pakistan with all the target shooting going on. I like it that way. I believe in keeping large dogs and large guns at the ready. If you can get over the five foot fence, past the two large dogs, you may be greeted with the barrel of a large bore pistol or a short barreled shotgun. Also my wife is quite proficient with a .40. I used to keep a well armed, twice decorated Marine combat veteran in my motorhome in the form of my oldest son. Unfortunately, he finished up with college and moved out.
  17. Since my therapy dog is asleep in my La-Z-Boy I'll weigh in. Since the wife and I parted company I've gotten back into shooting (something I've done since I was 4). It didn't take long to acquire a very nice M-1 Garand, that shoots like a dream, a Mossberg 500 with 3 barrels, a .22 rifle for plinking (cheap day at the range) and a 1911 that is my daily carry. My therapy dog and I sleep much better with me armed.
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  18. Ron,

    Give that therapy dog a pat on the head for me. A happy, well rested Ron is important to us all.
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  19. +1, except further north of Sedro.

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