What the heck! Pelletheads in Hosmer (rant) thoughts and a question

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by bakerite, Jul 19, 2013.

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    Geez, Ira... it's just one thread. If you haven't noticed, the vast majority of threads on the forums deal with Washington State :D
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    I was more thinking it sounded like you guys could use a site like this dedicated to your issues. Just trying to be nice. I don't want you guys going anywhere, just an idea.
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    I have recently considered it. Thought about creating a place for Oregon's small number of dedicated Stillwater flyfishers as the primary focus of the forum. Decided I don't have the time, or interest in the management side of keeping a forum running so "ditched" the idea.

    Seems you guys have a higher percentage of Stillwater folks in Washington than we have in Oregon. Still yet, some very active Stillwater guys & gals in the BC forums.

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    We once belonged to a site where we could discuss Oregon problems in regards to fishing regulations but the regulars and old guard all wondered off and the place is no longer the same. Most went to Face Book and I don't like FB in the least.

    Some came over here but maybe that wasn't such a great idea.

    This is a very large site with members from all over the world but perhaps we are stepping on the toes of the Washington Flyfishers. It is, after all WASHINGTON Fly Fishing, not NW Fly Fishing.

    It isn't fair to the Washington folks to take up space with Oregon threads. Guess we need another alternative. Our old home pretty much burned down and there's no going back.

    Guess we could always us the PM system so we don't take up space here.
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    If we don't want to read it, we can ignore it. As I said, I don't want you guys going anywhere. Besides, it is nice to hear of new waters to fish to add to my bucket list.
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    Gene -

    Many of us Washington folk travel widely to fish. I happen to fish as many days in Oregon, Idaho, and Montana in a year as I do in WA. I like being able to discuss a wider geographic range than just WA in our forum. So, stick around and know that many of us here appreciate the insights you and Mark and others bring from south of the border.

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    Richard, I was just yanking Ira's chain.

    We have folks from all over the world making posts here so you're stuck with us Oregon guys. :)
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    Central Oregon still offers some good fishing....

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    Well, it's time for me to eat a little crow. I spent 3 days in CO this week. We stayed at South Twin in the resort which was a great time, really nice swimming. On Thursday evening we went to Hosmer in between storms that were passing through that day. The lake was almost deserted, my wife and daughter went for a kayak trip to the waterfall while I fished. The water temp ranged from 68 to 62 in the channel. I was in a tube so mostly fished in the main lake. I didn't have a great evening, a thunderstorm went through during the "magic time" so I was kicking for all I was worth for the launch. I did catch three species, atlantics, a brookie and three bows. The rainbows were the last three fish and were all between 12 and 14 inches and put up a good little tussle. That shows a respectable growth rate if they were planted as the usual 9-10 inchers. I would still like to see them planting cranebows as fry in Hosmer. The best fishing I had was in the largest reservoir in the area where I fished for a few mornings caught my three biggest trout of the year, all browns. This next week it's back to work (teaching) so almost time for the local reservoirs to turn back on!
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    I could be "wrong", but I had heard the 'bows were of Crane descent...

    Hence, the rapid growth with the rich food source(s) available.

    No more Atlantic salmon plants either.

    (sorry, if this all was mentioned previously...there are some really long winded Oregonians on here, with mucho knowledge to share with our northern brethren, and I didn't take time to read all the posts.)

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