What to bring?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jon Borcherding, Apr 9, 2007.

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    Other items to add to the list of potential of useful items -
    Fishing Regulation pamphlet
    Landing net
    Release tool
    Boat registration

    While I agree that carrying every thing on a small boat is not practical having an overall list is helpful in determining what would be needed for an enjoyable day on the water. After many decades on the water the one thing that is for sure is that sooner or later you will need or wish you had most of the items mentioned.

    Tight lines
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    Do not forget something you will soon need for any type of power boat is a card showing you have gone through a safe boating course approved by the Coast Guard. Even Children will be required to go through one before they can operate a boat without and adult. Boat and engine size will not make any difference for the requirement. Both Amie and I will be taking the course later this summer as soon as the course dates are set. I have no choice even though I have been boating the salt since 1974 or 1975. If there is not at least one person on board without the certification it will be like driving a car without a license.
    I guess the Coast Guard finally got tired of rescuing so many dumb asses on the water.
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    Jon--Thanks...since he wasn't carrying a sidearm, he must have been a newbie...

    Two things that bear mentioning. You should have the boat registration as well as some form of ID with you. The two times I've been inspected, the Coasties requested the registration and driver's licenses from all adults. They then checked them with whoever by cell phone.
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    I'm with IBN. While it's great to be prepared for ANY emergency that might arise, if you're fishing SRC you're not out on the big water.

    For me less is more. Coast Guard required equipment, plus the bare essentials. Cell phone, GPS, VHF, fishing gear.
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    You actually don't have to take the coast guard coarse, although it does count as an equivalent. It is actually being administered by Washington State Parks. They were pushing for a more intensive education requirement, but the boating industry got involved and watered it down. You can take a 60 question open book exam online at home in about 30 minutes and have the card sent to you in the mail. We will see how much good it actually does.
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    I think there's some confusion about the law because the intent seems to be to include boats with inboard engines that could leak in to the bilge. I guess someone along the way pointed out that there needed to be a limit on length to avoid the law becoming too silly.
    You're definitely right about the registration. I keep mine in the watertight bucket but I'm thinking there must be a better way?

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    THE most frequent cause of death by drowning from a small boat???

    yep, zipper down, peein' over the side, loose balance, and away you go.

    be careful out there, much easier to take a gal milk container modified for just this purpose. and for peets sake, don't let the USCG observe your discharge, it is against the law and if they see you in the act, you will be cited.
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    But the important question is:
    Will Fish and Wildlife cite you for pulling trouser trout on closed waters?:rofl:
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    Only if you remove it from the water.
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    Yeah I think some WA site mentioned about 60% of those pulled from the water have thier fly down.