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  1. So I am in a bit of a predicament, I want to build a new rod but I am stuck on what I want. I have an 8 wt, 5 wt, and a 4wt. I love them all and all have their purpose. My 4wt is only 7'6" and I love it for small mountain streams and tossing dries. My 5wt is fun to nymph and throw streamers on the Yak. My 8wt is great for steelhead, pinks, coho, and lings when I am back at home on the west side. But now I am really stuck between a little 2wt for cricks and pan fish, and a 9' 4wt for nymphing on the Yak. Any suggestions on what you think and some good deals on blanks would be awesome! I'm thinking about somewhere in the $150-$200 buck range. Thanks.
  2. If you decide to build a 2wt you might consider a Sevier Tiger Eye 6' 2pc 2/3wt. I built one and lvoed it. It is a faster action and you can toss small flies like darts a surprising distance. It's a great choice for creeks and small streams. I see that you can order the blank from Sevier's web site for $17 plus another $10 for shipping, I like the brown blank but they do offer one in pink if that floats your boat. LOL

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  3. for what you are talking about i'd scour craigslist looking for an old fiberglass rod to rebuild probably be able to pick something up for 50 bucks or less and if you didn't like it you wouldn't be out much money and you'd have something different
  4. I really like crick and panfish fishing so I would build the 2wt. We have some great creeks around here that you might already have found.

    What's your thinking on the 9' 4wt? I don't like throwing a nymph/indi rig with a 5wt and it seems like the lighter rod would make it even more difficult.
  5. my vote would go to the little 2 or 3wt leaning more to fiberglass. There are a few blanks out there in that size and all are highly reviewed blanks
  6. I've never built or own a 2 wt; my LL379 is my smallest rod and, while I don't fish it much, it came out looking great and is fun to fish. A 2 wt seems a bit too limited IMO, so I'd suggest a short 3 wt. Since LL379's are as rare as hens teeth, I would build St. Croix 379 if I had to replace that rod.

    In any case, here's a site that list most of the blank manufacturers and might be of help...sometimes too many choices isn't :confused:... happy hunting.
  7. If you want a fantastic 2wt, take a look at the Steffen Brothers web site. They do lots of glass, and while I've only seen one of their rods, it was a pretty sweet 3wt....
  8. I love nymphing with my 4wt, but its just too short. My 5wt does a great job but I am not sure I think i just want to build something to build it :) I really enjoy building rods, and need another one of course. Thanks for all the great imput guys and the sites are very helpful! I will have to let you know when i choose one
  9. Old school....build a bamboo rod! Buy a cheap blue collar fixer-upper and use modern snakes, stripper, cork, and seat if necessary and join the bamboo fishers! Also add some more guides to the rod, as if you were building graphite.
  10. I built a sevier 6ft 6in 2wt 4 pc. rod for a friend last fall and its a great rod. He loves it and the color looks good too. I also just finished a 5ft 6in 2pc 4wt rod for my wife a batson. She really likes it but cant cast it well yet because she hasnt pracitced enough. I did take it to a friends house last weekend who is a great fly caster and he was throwing it 60ft or more with 3 wt line and it was windy. He could not believe how that little rod casted. Just 2 options to think about in the not so popular catagory that will fish well.[/quote]

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