NFR What to do in Yakima?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Ed Call, Mar 7, 2012.

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    I'd go bass fishing or something
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    Below the dam fishing would be good in the summer for small mouth bass. Ended up spending most of my time in the gym. Going 5-0 on Sunday and winning our bracket in the lower division was a nice reward for all the hard work the ladies put in. They also endure me at every practice, which should earn them big bonus points. The family got in some geocashing, lots of pool time and had a pretty good trip.

    The girls got to see a bunch of elk at one area and they also spent some time on the greenway. Our hotel was overlooking the Yakima, just downriver from the confluence of the Naches, some good looking water and I without a trout rod. Should had a trout rod so I could have fished the Cle Elum or Yakima the morning of the bonus day off. Poor packing and planning on my part.

    Geocaching and a nice sit down dinner after the tournament ended put is at the pass an hour after the bad accident. We got to Easton only to turn around and get a room in Cle Elum. Bonus night, more pool time and a good family overnight.

    Thanks to all for the input. We might be headed back when it is warmer to see about some of those kid friendly smallies.
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    I could not lift such a massive beverage.