What to do on a missed take from a steelhead?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by rodeo11, Nov 2, 2007.

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    You are not going to land every fish, so give yourself a pat on the back and either go home or keep at it. Stick with what the fish hit. And so on and so on!
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    Paul.. hope that changes soon.. here's a nice little Skagit summer run to help maintain your incentive!

    http://photos.imageevent.com/banos/saukriversept07/huge/skagit summer run.jpg

    As far as the thread topic goes.. if the point has been felt.. SOL.. if not.. back it up 8-10', downsize change color, fish thru slowly.. if still no go, after fishing the hole, go back and fish that section once more..

    In reality, no one really knows how far that steelie moved to hit your fly (2' or 20'), nor where it went to afterwards.. at least I don't.
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  4. rodeo11

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    Thanks a bunch to all, sounds like a bunch of good pointers for me to try out and see what works right for me.

    Dec, your book sounds interesting I will look into it as well!
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    iagree Lot's of great pointer's! One of the best threads of the year, definitely of the past few month's.... Even has Dec giving us some awesome info and of course Salmo G, Steelie Mike and others as well!

    Dec I've got your book and have gone through a lot of it, but need to really study it along with some of the other books and DVD's I have and of course just get out there more often. It's been a horrible year for me getting out! I've had to cancel more trips than I've been able to actually get out on...

    Great stuff guys!

    Bill :cool::thumb:
  6. Kevin Giusti

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    Great informative thread. Just thought Id share a recent experience. While swinging through a tailout(floating line wetfly swing) I had a fish aggresively rise to a fly. Not a pluck or a pull but an aggresive rise. Immediatly the "what to do" list began running through my head. For some reason I thought well the fish didnt feel the hook, the fly obviously got his attention(out of interest or aggression) and he moved to attack the fly. So I decided I had a pretty aggresive or POed fish. I stripped in a few feet of line and instead of slowing the fly down I actually slightly increased the speed of the swing through the encouter area and very next cast fish on. Now Im in NO WAY saying any of the other mentioned tactics are wrong or that mine is right. Just sharing an experience. I think all the mentioned tactics are great and if youve found a player they are all worth giving a shot for sure. Including Panhandles "punch the water and go drink" method, of which I have much experience with and must say am very close to perfecting:beer2:,. Who knows why a steelhead shows interest in the first place and you never know what may get one to come back. Again great thread and hope to have many chances at trying out everyones techniques!!!!!!!!!!! Kevin
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    Good thread, what about the "pluck, pluck" or "tap, tap"strikes when you feel a fish just quickly taping your fly ?


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    relax, breathe through your nose, and cast again, and again , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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    I have found myself making use of the "F" word at that point.

    My first steelhead on a fly missed the first take, I took it away from him on the second, and he hooked himself when I had my head turned on the third. I stood in one place and cast the same fly with the same length of line for over an hour and a half. I wouldn't recommend that - I was young and foolish back then...but did net a result.
  10. rodeo11

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    Wow, wonder if it was the same fish? If so, that's pretty sweet to find a fish that aggressive.
  11. kodiaksalmon

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    Now this made me laugh because it's exactly what I do, though I give it a couple more passes. I figure if it doesn't take on the next one or two passes, it won't. (At least that's been my experience with pike and salmon that I've missed.) My first pike was a miss, and immediate re-cast. Yeah, yeah I know: pike are slightly different than steelhead!
  12. rainbow

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    I get the tap, tap, tap to. I let it run through the run before I lift on A missed strike. Trying not to spook him to much Also if you let him turn before you set the hook you will have better odds. It takes some patience, Having him mess with it and letting it run through but its worth it in the end.
  13. Nader

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    A seasoned flyfisherman once told me to change to a finer tippet. I tried it and it worked. Otherwise switch to a black wooly bugger (I figured that out from this board).
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    Step out of the water. Start the run over. If it hits again, but no take, change the fly and restart the run. If no addirional takes on the second or third try, then this advice is good.

    Or buy Dec's book, read it and go back. One thing about a hit, you know that spot holds fish and if you can go back all year, sumpin' might happen later.

    One thing about pluck pluck or tap tap, usually just trout. When steelhead hit, there is no doubt as evicenced by the new warm wet feeling in your waders. Dollies hit like freight trains and then fight like driftwood.