What To Do On a Rainy Day

Discussion in 'Events' started by miyawaki, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. At 11:00AM on Saturday, Oct. 17, we'll have free casting lessons and computer casting analysis.

    At 12 noon, Ryan Harder acoustic blues set

    Salmon Burgers and Whisky Sampling

    2:30PM: Ryan acoustic blues set

    3:30PM: Eric Rathbun and Brian Bennett, and MoldyChum.com

    Plus fly reel and fly line sales, Simms clothes close-outs, and $25 Economic Stimulus Coupons.

    Orvis Bellevue
  2. Stopped by for a few minutes. I wish I could have browsed around some more but I had a soccer game to attend to. I like the colors in the LA Reels...the red one was sharp. :thumb:

    While I have not used/tested out some of the newer reels they sure do appear to be machined well and are superior in build compared to some of the orvis reels of several years ago. I like the drage adjustment on the LA reel too. There was some line flying in the parking lot :) Looked like a good time.
  3. I noticed orvis has came out with a new reel...the mirage?
  4. It's not in the store yet.


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