What to keep material and supplies in?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Chef, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Chef New Member

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    I new to fly tying and I have three cats who love the idea of the material and tools. For example, I was tying last night and needed to step away for an hour and soon to come back to the thread broken off the hook, the bobbin under the couch (that took 20 minutes to find) and the one cat playing with the deer hair.

    So, what do you all keep your materials in and supplies in as far as storage goes?
  2. Preston Active Member

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    I've found clear plastic shoeboxes to be very serviceable and cheap (I believe the last time I bought them I paid $6.00 for four). I label them in general categories (necks and saddles, miscellaneous feathers, hair and fur, etc.), add a few mothballs where necessary and stack them in an inexpensive, particle board cabinet that holds over two dozen.
  3. Charles Sullivan dreaming through the come down

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    Shoot the cats. You can buy a new shotgun for about 400 bucks.

    Alternatively you can go to any department store and buy plastic containers in all shapes and sizes.

    I'd do both.

    Go Sox,
  4. stewart dee Guest

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    You sure could use a 400 dollar shotgun. I use to use a file cabinet with dividers.
  5. Chef New Member

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    I was thinking of using a shotgun. Then I could use the cats hair to tie with. Just gotta figure out how since they are indoor cats..... dont want the wife to know. :)
  6. Whit 19D

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    Plano makes some tackle boxes that work very well for sorting fly tying material... it also doubles as a good case to take your fly tying stuff with you to the river... I also use some cheap plastic 3 drawer tupperware on my desk
  7. Chef New Member

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    Whit: what is plano?
  8. Whit 19D

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  9. Dan Soltau New Member

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    I used to use cheap, plastic standing drawers available at any department store. The best purchase I have made along these lines has been this bag from Fishpond. I can get all my materials and tools in here, although I have to sit on it to zip it up when maxxed out. I know its expensive especially for a new tier, but since it works as storage and travel, it makes sense.

    http://www.ezflyfish.com/ficoflytykit.html This is my favorite, I have had it for years and love the thing. They no longer make it, but it can be found via the interweb shopping.

    http://fishpondusa.com/tomahawk-fly-kit.cfm This is the newer model - it doesn't have the hard case which I prefer but I am sure it is nice. Although I havent seen it.
  10. Slipstream Member

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    A room with a cat-proof door. SS
  11. flybill Purveyor of fine hackle, wine & cigars!

    Get a big mean dog for the tying room!
  12. Whit 19D

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    doesn't the dog just chase the squirrel tails then? :D
  13. Steve Saville Active Member

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    I use shoe boxes too. They're cheap and the lids snap on. The problem is that if I leave anything out, I find it on the floor because my cat likes the smell of the materials, I guess. In the long run, I can't get rid of the cat because she's part of the family so I try to remember to close the lids and put them away. I have other things in mind, however, like the cat proof room.
  14. Finfollower New Member

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    I say put the cats is sealable boxes, and let the tying material roam free.
  15. fishin jimmy New Member

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    I use plastic boxes - Rubbermaid, or Sterilite types that have lids that seal tightly. I don't care for bugs - do you really want them eating your AA JC necks? I avoid commercial bug reppellants, instead I get cloves at the supermarket & liberally dump those in the boxes. I store the boxes in cupboards, or in closets to keep the wife happy.
  16. Richard Olmstead BigDog

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    Ziplock bags in various sizes are indispensable. Silica gel packets (check in craft shops for packets or bulk silica gel) inside sealed bags or plastic bins with tight fitting lids will help keep everything dry, which goes a long ways towards keeping bugs out and extending the life of biological materials.

  17. Coastalc21 New Member

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    Are the fishpond bags the same size.. What so unique about the Tomahawk how much different is it than the old one ?

    The hard case sounds better for travel ?

  18. fishes-with-fly New Member

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    If you have an Ikea store nearby, they sell all types of small wood cabinets with different drawer combinations that fit on your desk top. If you go to the Fly Tying page and look for the posts about "Your Tying Area" and find "fishes-with-fly"'s post (me) you see them on my desk and cabinet top. Concidentally, the sizes of the drawers are literally the same size at standard packaging for wool, chenille etc... and the larger drawers will fit the packaging for neck, saddles, capes, Puglisi Fibers, etc... and pretty much everything in the "long" plastic bags. We'll worth the cost too, they aren't very expensive and come finished raw if you want to stain or paint them. Mine are just clear coated on the outside only. Leave the interiors raw.

  19. ksagee New Member

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    I just use some plastic containers my wife picked up at IKEA. Before that, I used a canvas bag I bought at the Army Navy surplus store. Both work great.
  20. Mark Walker Active Member

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    Some Ikea boxes, drawers, etc. I picked up at moving sale with a couple I refinished and put on my desk.