What to Tie for California in March?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by ak_powder_monkey, Feb 7, 2010.

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    So I'm gonna drive down to CA for spring break and see a couple buddies and do a ton of fishing (then if time permits hit a night or two at the hohdown!)

    Hopefully I'll be fishing for steel on the Trinity, Smith, Rouge and anywhere else I might run into some spring run chrome. But, I'll be chasing anything with fins and am hoping to maybe hit the upper sac for some trout action (I hear there's a good caddis hatch) At any rate, what the hell should I tie?
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    Everything you will need will be temperature dependent. If the weather warms then the upper Sac might have some caddis hatches but I wouldn't hold my breath. I think copper johns and similar nymphs will be the best bet. For the trinity, some egg patterns, small nymphs and some buggy black stonefly nymphs might do the job. I generally don't fish there during that time. The Rogue is a waste of time...don't go...besides, I'll be there. ;-).
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