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  1. hey guys, i just need some pointers on what type of rabbit strip streamers or just any kinda streamers u guys catch fish on down in washington. Also would they work up here on Vancouver Island and what colors and sizes of hooks to use to.

    Thanks alot :thumb:
  2. What kind of fish?
  3. trout patterns
  4. here you go , beware they take a while to tie. This one is called the the plunger. It is of my own creation, sorry about photo size but you can get an inside veiw on it.

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  5. Rabbit streamers, hmm...

    Ryan (worldangr) posted one here that looks pretty good: http://www.washingtonflyfishing.com/faq/idx/0/080/article/The_Spring_Creek_Special.html

    Streamers (not necessarily rabbit patterns) that have worked for me: Wooley Buggers, Mickey Finns, Muddler Minnows, and sculpin patterns. I like dark colors (black, brown, olive), with the exception of the MF, and size 6 or 8 hooks for streamers.

    Tight lines,
  6. wow , that pattern sure looks like it would take a while to tye and looks great to. Thanks for the pic, colors and sizes of hooks to use guys. :)
  7. Red hooks have been good to me. I wouldnt spend longer than 10 min on any fishing fly, so a streamer like that is out of the question. A rabbit strip glued to a hook would probably do just as well, if no a little uglier. Infact my favorite streamer is little more than that.

  8. that streamer i posted takes maybe 7 minutes to tie. Maybe your first time it takes a little longer. Try a rabbit strip fly where the rabbit strip the back of the fly, then make your body of what ever you like. I usually use a dark rabbit strip on the top, but dont be afraid to use white or tan, they work well also. Good luck
  9. Streamers tied with rabbit work very well for me in the lakes I fish with wild cutts in them.

    A very easy to tie recipe using cross cut rabbit strips wrapped around the shank of the hook, start the wrap at the point of the hook.

    Crawdad Orange
    hook either a 4x 6 or 6x 8
    beard, several white fibers,take your pick , trimmed to hook length
    collar 3 turns of yellow hackle, long 3/4 length of fly, trim hackle fibers out on belly section
    head,several strands of peacock wrapped around shank

    This is very effective if perch are in the lake

    A variation that also works well is an olive and black strip

  10. Hey Dave. Do you actually catch fish? I don't think that I have ever seen a bend in any of your rods. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


    P.S. We really need to get together and go rip some lips or at least tear up some flies on the trees and rocks
  11. If you want an easy, easy pattern with a rabbit strip action. get a zonker cut died in olive, natural, black...etc. Cut said strip 1 1/2 time the hook shank. take favorite streamer hook, tie in some medium wire and some tinsle(again color optional)and wrap to the rear of the hook. fit rabbit strip to hook take a couple thread wraps to catch strip at bend of hook. next wrap thread to eye and follow with the tinsle. stretch rabbit over hook and wrap the tinsle forward to secure rabbbit. Tie in rabbit strip at eye and finish as you see fit, you can also put in a collar(not necessary) it's up to you.
  12. Island Fly Fisher,
    I like Gold Bead Head Wooly Buggers with light olive marabou for the tail, a dark green or black sparkle chenile or maybe peacock herl body, and black saddle hackle palmered over the body ending in about 3 wraps behind the gold bead for a collar. I rib them with copper wire (standard procedure) so the hackle doesn't get chewed off. Sizes 10 thru 6. These produce alot of trout action in lakes for me, as well as deep pools and tidewater sections of rivers when going after searun cutthroat.

    I also like the Probasco Night Leech, which is a black rabbit strip over a body of black or purple metallic estaz. (I like black). A rib of silver braid palmered matuka style over the rabbit strip holds the strip against the body(optional in smaller sizes, but a must in the bigger steelhead version). A hackle of black or purple dyed pheasant rump is called for in the original recipe, but I just use black saddle hackle. Sizes 8 thru 4, (or bigger for steelhead, and then add an overwing of 8 or 10 strands of blue Flashabou).

    Black and Purple Egg-Sucking Leeches in sizes 6 thru 1/0 for anadromous species. Smaller sizes will work for trout in rivers during the spawning runs fall thru winter, and Chum seemed to like the #6 last Fall in the tidal sections of rivers. I had a large Chinook grab a #2 in the Satsop last Winter, but he broke me off after 5 seconds of insanity!

    Various rabbit leeches and wooly buggers are a major part of my arsenal!

    Don't forget Rolled Muddlers and other sculpin immitations, candlefish, chum fry and other baitfish immitations for searun cutthroat the salt, and when going after searun cutthroat in tidewater sections of rivers or any "frog water" my "go to" pattern is a #6 (somtimes #8) Reverse Spider with either a hot orange, black, or yellow body. Those will keep you busy! :thumb:

  13. thanks alot Jim for the patterns. Looks like i got some tyin to do.

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