What weight flourocarbon line for winter steelhead?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Ed Call, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    What weight flourocarbon line are you using for your winter fishing?
  2. Flyborg Active Member

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    I use 12lb in summer and winter during clear flows, 15lb mono in turdwater.
  3. Backyard SANCHO!

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    In most cases.

    But out on the OP I'll beef it up to 15... cause ya never know when you're gonna have to pound face.
  4. Jergens AKA Joe Willauer

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    12lbs Seaguar
  5. yuhina Tropical member

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    Yes Sir!

    Seaguar here too. got to love the Level Wind technology
  6. Tim Lockhart Working late at The Office

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    Ed don't listen to these guys. They actually catch fish. For you may I suggest 4lb mono and cheap flies for getting hung up a lot..........you can borrow some of mine!
  7. KerryS Ignored Member

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  8. Jake H Banned or Parked

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    I do the same except it's the 12# for the Ronde and 15# for the Clearwater. P-Line is the only tippet I use period.
  9. TomB Active Member

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    none. maxima ultragreen and chameleon nylon monofilament are cheeper and work really well. I like the larger diameter because when knicked on the bottom, they don't break as often. 10-15 lb depending on a)visibility b)expected fish size and c)floating or sinking tip line.
  10. stewart dee Guest

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    I use 10 lb Maxima since Fluorocarbon line emits some of the worst chemical gases possible on the environment during development. Besides do fish know what line is? They see your sink tip and some of your Skagit line anyway?
  11. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Ford Fenders is flipping me $h!t. TomB and StewieDee, I've got the mono, and like it but I'm fishing more sparse unweighted flies and like the thought (maybe perceived) that the flouro will get it where I hope the fish are. I say hope, because we all know that I don't know.

    I do have some 12# and 17# flouro in hand already. I'll try them, heavier in turbid water or when I'm dreaming of bigger fish. Lighter when more clear and just the average sized fish are in my thoughts. I could say that I've caught 100% of my fly caught steelhead on mono tippet and not be lying. I'd hate to think that anyone would put any stock into that statement though. The narrow, very narrow, extremely narrow random sampling should not be used as guidance by anyone who hopes for success.
  12. Irafly Active Member

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    Interesting thread, I don't normally go any larger than 10#. Mostly I'm 8# and even 6# but then again I've never landed a steelie over 12# so that might explain something. I've always just assumed that lighter is better. Now I'm not sure if it is true or not but there have been days where my hit/take/land ratio has been much better than those around me. In those cases I've assumed I was just a far superior fisherman with much much better flies. :)

  13. Jamie Wilson Active Member

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    Doesn't fluorocarbon sink better than mono? That's what I heard somewhere.
    I use ultragreen 10 to 15 depending, but - like some others - my hour fished to hook-up ratio pretty much bites.
  14. yuhina Tropical member

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    "fish don't care what line you use in swinging fly". I agree.

    But if you are fishing in a "rock garden", flourocarbon is better for abrasion resistance. sometime, I use 17 lb flouro just for this single reason.
    otherwise mono will do it. It gives softer action too.
  15. Sean Beauchamp Hot and Heavy at yer 6

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    What happens when you hang up with 17lb line? Even 12lb is gnarly sometimes when your balls deep standing on slick river rock. With good knots 12lb is incredibly strong. I've ran maxima flouro for 2 years now for all my bobber duties and occassionally for swingin. Sold! I don't roll like rick ross, seagar is outta my league.
  16. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    Maxima Fluoro 10lb for just about everything. Have yet to have a fish break it on me, and I've put the cork to some seriously hot ones over this summer.
  17. scottflycst Active Member

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    What tippet material isn't nearly as important as having Mike Kinney bless your flies! Send him a box of flies with a prayer hanky included and don't sweat the other stuff.
  18. Salmo_g Active Member

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    None. Maxima nylon monofilament is still the best tippet and leader material I've ever used for steelhead fishing. 8 or 10 pound test. Never had a WA steelhead break me off while using 8# Maxima, but had to increase to 10# on BC's Thompson River. Year before last I lost the only fish I hooked on a Sol Duc trip while using a manufacturer's sample of 17 # flouro. Never, repeat never, had that happen while using 8# Maxima on steelhead to over 20 pounds. Threw the flouro away.

    Ed, before you go ass over teakettle with getting your unweighted fly deeper, actually experiment with nylon and flouro, as in a test, to see just what benefit you derive from the slightly denser flouro.

  19. stilly stalker Tuna sniffer

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    Maxima ultragreen is all I ever use. 10-15# depending on where I am. Usually 12#. Im not sold on fluoro being better, and it is a horrid material to produce as far as environmental impact. Ive watched my leader over summer fish in SUPER clear water, and have yet to see it spook a fish.

    Quit concentratng on gear and tippet, and get a big nasty fly in the water!
  20. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    Also: I do switch over to Ultragreen 10lb when the water's a bit murkier. I've used P-Line, and all the other popular stuff out there. Haven't found any reason to believe there's anything better than Maxima.