What weight rod for Salmon or Steelhead?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by rooinater, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    Like I said, an 8wt is an all around rod. Like others have mentioned, if you had the cash, you'd want a whole arsenal. I have quite a few rods in various lengths from 8'6" to 15' from 7wt to 10wt. All for different scenerios. BUT, since you are on a budget. A good 9-9-6" 8wt will at least put you into more species then any other. Like mentioned, a bit overgunned for some, undergunned for others. But will get you by until you collect a few more rods.
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    Your prospective target fish, ". . . Mainly we fish for chinooks, and pinks are really unlikely unless they are released," doesn't make sense with the area you say you fish, ". . . from the stilly to the peninsula. Granted most of my salmon fishing will be done up north on the stilly, and the north cascade hwy area."

    An 8 wt will be your best all around choice, but not if you mainly fish for chinook. But your statement piques my curiosity. Except for the peninsula, where do you usually fish for chinook on the Stilly or Skagit systems that is legal? The lower Cascade is open in the early summer for spring chinook, and the fly gear being discussed might almost be suitable to the task, but statistically zero % of the good chinook holding water in the Skagit is approachable with a single hand fly rod during the limited season that chinook are open. And the Stilly is never open to chinook fishing.

    If you're gearing up to enter a fishery new to you, it might be best to figure out gear for areas and salmon species that are feasible and open to salmon fishing.

  3. Nick Clayton Active Member

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    If it was me I would look around the classified section for a solid 8 wt setup. Probably get more quality for your money that way.

  4. rooinater aka "JAWS"

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    sorry not chinook, coho is what I meant. I generally head home to the Arlington area to Salmon fish and go fish with my step-dad up there. There are tributaries to the skagit that are open and we fish, I don't think I've ever fished directly on the skagit, darn thing is too wide.

    I mention all the way out to the peninsula because that is where I presently live. I moved to my dad's house for free rent after I got out of the Marine Corp while I go to college. The agreement was if i keep my grades up I don't have to pay rent, presently sitting at a 3.4 GPA and that includes 2 years of chemistry, through Calculus, and Sophmore level Biology to date. I haven't got to do a lot of fishing out in this area, but as soon as I find some more areas to fish locally I will be fishing over near the Gig Harbor area. Don't really know anyone over here either, kind of keep to myself and do my homework or sit online when I'm not backpacking. I don't have a lot of saltwater experience at all either.
  5. Gary Strassburg 'cuz chicks dig scars

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    I picked up a Redington 8wt 4pc at Outdoor Outfitters for 79 bucks... toosed on an Okuma LA reel for 59 bucks and bang... under 150 bucks for a decent setup.

    No need to spend a lot of money on decent stuff... just know where to look for sales and stuff. I think Outdoor Outfitters still has Redington rods on sale.

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    I agree with all who said an 8wt 9' to 9'6".

    Pinks are still fun on an 8wt, an 8wt can handle chums and kings though be tiresome and steelhead shouldn't be a problem because you most likely won't catch any. :rofl:
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    I have a free fast-action 8wt for you, Marine, used but good. Salmon and steelhead mojo galore.
    save your money for a reel, PM me.
    I can meet you at Galloping Gertie's after work tomorrow if you want.
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    I am offering this comment in regards to a post I made earlier in this discussion. I want to apologize to Alpinetrout for my comment on his posting. TC called me on my comment. I read my post on the thread. I agree that my response was unnecessary and inappropriate. I offer no explanations or excuses, just a sincere apology.

    It won't happen again. It is not my usual character.