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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by wanative, May 13, 2013.

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    I was at a local beach this evening on the flood tide just observing and saw lots of small fish from 3 to 4 inches jumping within casting range of shore. I was wishing I had my rod for sure.:confused: A loon was enjoying the buffet.
    I saw one good sized splash which I think was a larger trout but may have been a duck. Could they have been chum smolt or are the chum smolt smaller?
    Thanks in advance for your insights.

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  2. James Harrington Member

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    Most likely what you saw were coho smolt. Currently there are a LOT of coho on the outmigration. Chum outmigrate to the salt as fry and would be significantly smaller. Personally, when I see lots of coho smolts or juvenile cutthroat, or if I find after my first few hooked fish that all I am getting are smolts or juveniles, I pack it up and move on. I'd rather not put those fish under any undue stress or worse hook them in the brain/head or eye and seriously injure or kill them before they've even had a shot.
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    There it is, if you're fishing in the nursery, you're not fishing the right place. Well done, James.
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    Coho outmigrate between March and late June at an average length of 3.5 - 5.1 inches after spending one to two years in fresh water,
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    They must be Coho smolt. I work on the waterfront in Bellingham only a few miles from the Nooksack river mouth and saw many jumping clear of the water tonight at work.
    Thanks for the feedback.