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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Big E, Jan 5, 2012.

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    maybe the hobbyists fly pattern is simply another variation of a fly he saw somewhere else, tied it something different than the one he saw and is not really a true "original" if there is even such a thing nowadays :confused::confused:

    does tying a fly using different materials than the original constitute a new "original"
  2. jeff bandy Make my day

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    Getting past the philosophical question at hand. Big-E, do you have some pic's so we can judge for ourselves?
  3. cb3fish Banned or Parked

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    Big E,

    Get over it. Suck it up and move on.

    I have had so many of my flies high jacked, I could cry you a river.

    I just look at the positive side. "They sure like what I tie" all my friends and most of the fly shops know I got screwed, and my sales have actually gone up :)

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    Good one.thanks for sharing.
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    Guess you need to ask yourself why you originally posted it? If it was to help others ,and this made you feel good about your actions, then that was your inspiration that magnifies your personality. Feel proud of your accomplishment of aiding your fellow tyers and continue on.