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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by flytrooper, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. I have been working in B-ham for about a month now and wouldn't mind putting face to name for some of you. I am up for a get together at Boundary. I don't drink so hopefully they have a full bodied root beer in house. Somebody put up a date and time.
  2. They do actually have a root beer I believe. At least they offer kids t-shirts that talk about their root beer.
  3. I am down to meet up at Boundary but I can't make it until next week.

    Tues-Thurs is best afternoon/night for me.
  4. That's fine for me, though really most any afternoon/evening is good for me. I'll just go park myself down there and work from what I call my "remote office".

    Ah the glory of internet jobs.
  5. Hey KerryS, did you change your tag just for this thread?
  6. They have Root Beer.

    I'm good next Tuesday to Thursday 4pm or after.

    I'm an asshole all the time...no ETOH needed.:thumb:

  7. Ha, didn't even think about it. I seen that line on a bumper sticker years ago and thought it fit.

    I'm good for any evening after 5. You guys call it. I'll buy the first round or what ever round it is when I get there.ptyd
  8. If you're not in such a hurry, I be up for Friday Aug. 8th as I gotta' be in Skagit County the 9th anyway.

  9. This should be interesting. I'm down as well. Their Scotch ale was brewed just for moi :D
  10. I am in for whatever day is chosen. Sooner.....later, sooner and later. More IPA please!! Seriously, someone choose a day, I'll make it.

    Sox win,
  11. Gentlemen,

    How about next Tuesday at 5:00 at the Boundary Bay. I'd like to meet all y'all fellow anglers.


    I owe you quite a few beverages so if you're in the area just give a shout, anytime.

  12. Tuesday it is than but like I say my sechdule is loose.

    Salmo G, I'll buy you a beer in August.
  13. Just to be clear, we are talking about Tuesday the 15th, correct?

    And hell, I was "working" there yesterday, where were all of you?

  14. yes, the 15th. Nice photo.

  15. I'm in for 7/15 and 8/8...look forward to seeing/meeting everyone.

  16. Hope you have a steady beerhand :clown:.....Beverage + Laptop Keyboard = Disaster (I learned that the hard way :beathead:)

  17. Yeah, I learn a lot of things the hard way.
  18. The 15th it is.
  19. Outstanding!

    go Sox,
  20. And don't forget Friday, August 8th, with Salmo g.


    This is awesome...more reasons to have an IPA.

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