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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by flytrooper, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. Jim Speaker

    Jim Speaker Active Member

    :rofl: awesome line, I love it... :rofl:
  2. Salmo_g

    Salmo_g Active Member

    Anyone who drinks PBR most likely deserves it.

    And sure, fishermen wear hooded sweatshirts and fleece jackets with hoods cuz fishin' weather is sometimes cold, but come on, real fishermen don't wear anything called "hoodies."

    Not to mention that the culturally literate never wear legible clothing.

  3. hookedonthefly

    hookedonthefly Active Member

    PBR/Rainier, Tomato Juice, Worsteshire, Lime, Pepper & Horseradish

    Po' Man's Bloody Mary.

  4. mozart

    mozart Chris

    Well apparentley I'm not a real fisherman because sometimes I drink PBR and do wear hoodies. I'll pass on BB.
  5. Josh

    Josh dead in the water

    I'll drink any beer made (well, I have to be drunk to deal with Heineken). I have a closet full of hooded sweatshirts. I just won't wear a BB one. I'm plenty of a real fisherman,

    Don't skip coming down for a beer just because Salmo doesn't like PBR.
  6. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    Sg, you don't have any legible clothing? Nothing with a logo big enough to read about? I think that way too much gear from big companies has too much of their logo advertising everwhere. I'm a boring guy, how about some boring gear?

    If my host hands me a PBR, I'm drinking it, thanking him or her and might even ask for another. Not my choice, not what I stock, but it comes in a red white and blue can, that is enough for me.
  7. PT

    PT Physhicist

    Hell, I'd drive from Edmonds just to meet up with you guys and Salmo. This here intranet thingy that Mr Gore invented is a funny medium. People are usually just a tad bit different in person. I might even get along with Coach if I met him in person...
  8. Josh

    Josh dead in the water

    Great, you can bring my raft with you!
  9. Salmo_g

    Salmo_g Active Member


    I read years ago that beer is an acquired taste. When I was a kid I acquired a taste for Oly and Rainier because those were the most available beers in this region. I drank Bud until microbrew became available. Somehow I acquired the taste for these ales and Porters and lost my taste for the macro stuff. I have no quarrel with those who drink PBR, and if I'd never tried anything else, I might like it too. But I've tasted micro for over 20 years now, and I ain't going back.

    If my host hands me a PBR, I might take it, or I might just politely pass and ask for a glass of water. The color of the can is irrelevant. Any company that thinks they can sell me their beer by appealing to me with patriotic colors ought to just try making better beer instead.

    I was just having fun and didn't mean to pick on Mozart or anyone else. (Although I'd think with a handle like Mozart, his self concept wouldn't be contingent on what anyone here has to say.)

    As for legible clothing, I'm anti. Philosophically I think it's poor form to walk around being a walking billboard advertising some companies stuff without being reimbursed for it. Companies used to give away branded ball caps in hopes of obtaining some exposure. Idiots (sorry about that) today pay $10-15 to wear advertising for someone else. The strap on my un-branded fishing ball cap wore out, and now I have some branded ones that I got for free, so I might wear them because I'm also philosophically opposed to waste.

    I like art shirts tho, and used to collect T-shirts with fish art on them, but they've gone out of style and are hard to find. I saw a cool fish shirt at a fly shop and almost bought it until I saw that "Sage" was also prominently featured on it. So I passed it by.

    FWIW, I read about an informal survey in the 80s indicating that the amount of legible clothing owned by individuals was inversely proportional to their IQ. I was not keen on legible clothing before that, but my opinion was probably further influenced by that conclusion.

  10. I wont be able to make it sorry guys I have to get my racecar ready for claycup at deming speedway
  11. HauntedByWaters

    HauntedByWaters Active Member

    Well, I will be there around 4:30.

    How do we actually meet? Should we choose an area to sit or something?

    I obviously have no idea what any of you look like with the exception being Josh Root who apparently is a pimp inspector or something.
  12. KerryS

    KerryS Ignored Member

    Good luck at the cup races tomorrow. Might make it up to watch. I haven't been to Deming Speedway in a few years. You guys put on a great show.
  13. mozart

    mozart Chris

    Damn Salmo,

    Can you be anymore into yourself? I'm sorry Chris but even though Salmo may be an upstanding member here I've never seen someone who thought they were so smart and so much better than everyone else. I'm glad you won't be there today. I would have to bring some PBR, burp in your face, and wear some clothing with labels all over them.
  14. Josh

    Josh dead in the water

    The pimps can inspect themselves. I'm actually more of a one man "Ho quality control" department.

    Or at least I was until I got married. *Insert Ray Romano joke about marriage here*
  15. HauntedByWaters

    HauntedByWaters Active Member

    It isn't wrong to be "into yourself" and have pride in yourself, and believe in yourself, and to tell others of your tastes.

    You can be all those things I just mentioned without thinking you are better than everyone else though many people don't seem the understand that.

    It is people in my generation (20s and younger) that seem to strongly dislike those that have their head on their shoulders and aren't afraid to say it like it is. My generation mostly dislikes those who simply can't be "chill" and let anyone do whatever they want without letting them know what they think.

    I respect those people that throw a stick in the spokes. I f*cking hate the word "hoodie" and I f*cking hate branded clothing.

    I agree with everything he said except the stuff about PBR and Rainier. Those beers have their time and place in my heart of hearts forever. :beer2:

    And I don't think Salmo is a pretentious wanker for not liking those beers.
  16. Josh

    Josh dead in the water

    Re: "logo clothing"

    Back when I was shooting photos of snowboarding/BMX/wakeboarding xgames stuff, I wore whatever loot I got from companies or sponsored friends. Everyone else can have fun paying actual cash for their gear, but at that point in my life my motto was:

    "If it's free, it's on me"

    These days I'm all about supporting businesses or causes that I care about (Anacortes Brewery, Bellingham Farmer's Market, etc) so I'm happy to have their logo on me. And given the $4-5/gal gas prices, I think I might just bring my motto back into play. I'm sure I have a box full of "Vision Street Wear" around here somewhere...
  17. KerryS

    KerryS Ignored Member

    I bet Salmo is laughing his ass off right about now....:rofl:
  18. Tigol

    Tigol New Member

    Hey Josh. I assume you were a Baker local? What years did you ride? I used to roll with a group called the "Shitty kids" if that sounds familiar? I rode Baker from early 90's until 99 when I moved to Seattle.
  19. Salmo_g

    Salmo_g Active Member

    Kerry pegged that one in the bull'seye.


    Pretty clearly we're not communicating on the same page here. Sorry for the apparent misunderstanding. Perhaps you missed the part where I wrote, "I was just having fun and didn't mean to pick on Mozart or anyone else. (Although I'd think with a handle like Mozart, his self concept wouldn't be contingent on what anyone here has to say.)"

    To tell the truth, I wish I was more into myself, but I don't think I'm better than anyone. Better off than some and worse off than others, yes, but not better. Yeah, I do think I'm smart but only because that's what everyone tells me, and all the nearly unanimous feedback has been persuasive. That and the ability to figure a lot of things out and whatever.

    And Mozart, having been a genius, had he been a fan of PBR and legible clothing, wouldn't have been intimidated by what anyone else had to say about it. I thought the connection was obvious, but maybe it wasn't. In any event I expect that we should be able to disagree and have friendly discussions about differences of opinions. You can defend PBR and the inherent intelligence of wearing legible clothing, although I think Josh has that one covered in his last post. I won't be there, but if I was I'd really appreciate you not burping your PBR in my face. I drank enough Oly, Rainier, and Hidelberg in high school to really appreciate never having one again. PBR is in that same catagory; that's all. And as I said, beer is an acquired taste. We like what we become accustomed to.

    A lot of water has flowed down the river since the 1980s, and I suspect that a repeat survey on legible clothing wouldn't reach quite as strong a conclusion, given the prevalence of such clothing in today's marketplace.

    Hope this unruffles your feathers.


    Salmo g.
  20. JerryWatson

    JerryWatson New Member

    Fishing in Whatcom county is tough most of the time. I like to fish Lake Terrell, (except for every fifth year when the state deliberately lowers the water level 3 feet. Then you can wade across it if you're tall and use chest waders.) for bass and panfish on flies. It's a blast and relatively easy to catch fish that way. Fazon lake is another fair lake for panfish and catching them on poppers or flies you've made yourself is fun. Fazon also has catfish. Catfish like strongly scented food found on the bottom or close to it and I don't know how you'd work that with a fly! There are also private ponds on farms and such in the county and, if you ask, some of the landowners will let you fish them. Rumor has it that some of the ponds are impressive producers but I haven't tried that out yet myself. (too shy to ask!)
    Kokanee in Lake Whatcom are fun to watch bounce around the surface during late spring and early summer but I've found they are tough to catch even using the recommended trolling flashers, wedding rings, etc. Tried and tried to catch 'em on flies with no luck yet. Tribal members tend to run fishermen off their lands and their nets pretty much clean out the river of salmon. You might catch a wandering stray that got through but it's unlikely, in my opinion. Better off to collect money and plan fishing trips to more productive waters.
    Good luck!