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    I am a college student in Bellingham and with summer fast approaching, I will finally have some time to get out and do some fishing. I am fairly new to Bellingham and Whatcom County and would like to know if anyone knows of some lakes in the area with good fly fishing. Don't worry, I won't steal any of you fish if you tell me, I am strictly catch-and-release. Also I have tried to get into bass fishing, but can't seem to find any lakes that can catch my interest. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    I'll give you some fairly well-known information on your lakes, which will hopefully get you started. Squalicum lake, just south of Bellingham is good, with selective fishery regulations. It requires a very short walk, has cutts, browns, and bows, and is very weedy, rich, and shallow. Whatcom Lake borders the city, and is bog and deep and has some absolutely superb small mouth bass fly fishing (try woolly buggers and crawdads). Pass Lake and Lone lake are famous, and very good for browns and bows. Hard to catch, however. Also, Vogler Lake has catch and release regs, and is worth a shot, although I haven't fished it. Vogler's located close to lake shannon, east of bellingham. Good luck!
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    Email me and I will give you a couple of my old spots that are fun to fish. Also get to know the old boys at H&H sports they are a great local resource.

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