What's a Switch Rod worth?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Loteck Joe, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. I have a switch rod I'd like to sell and I don't know what it's worth. It's a 10' 8", Batson RX7, 4 piece, 5 weight. I built it myself and did a pretty darned good job. It comes with an Okuma SLV reel, a custom built Scandi 5 weight line built by the guy who helped design the blank, and aluminum tube and home-made rod sock. I've never fished it, so it brand new. I've never even cast it.
    What do you all think this combo is worth? Here are a couple of pics.


    PM or email me if you can offer any info.
  2. Can't guess what it would be worth, but it is a sharp looking rod for sure. Wouldn't mind having something like that in the arsenal.
  3. Very nicely done! Unfortunately a custom is usually worth more to the one who built it than to one looking to buy it. I would offer it around $250 -$300 and work from there. Just set a price that you won't go any lower than and if you can't get what that is then keep it. Again it is a very nice looking switcher...if I didn't already have a herd of them I'd be interested.

    Best of luck.
  4. I'd be really tempted at $250.
  5. How does one spend so much time building a rod and lining it and not cast it? It's a custom, go ahead and cast it, enjoy the fruits of your labor...be able to say "it's a great casting rod and it looks good too!". No one's going to care if you cast it, it's still new. The last switch rod I built I was casting it with the guides taped on, to see how well it felt before I invested a whole bunch of time in it.

    How can you sell a rod you never tried?

  6. Man that is a purrtty fly rod!
  7. My wading abilities have completely deteriorated. If I get as much as ankle deep, even with a wading staff, I loose my balance. The Scandi line is designed to load with water tension and not designed to aerialise. I have been dependent on the reputation of the blank manufacturer and the line builder, and the rod combo has actually been sold.

    That's how.
  8. Sorry to hear your wading abilities are on the downhill... Just caught a glimpse of the switch. Beautiful, I'm happy for whoever was lucky enough to purchase!
  9. How can you sell a rod you never tried?"

    Now thats funny.......:rofl:


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