What's Hoppering?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Big E, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. Little something something I was trying out. All set up for a dropper.

    Purple fur and foam doesn't show up so well...

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  2. Nice fly, but the vise steals my attention. Made out of recycled samurai swords right?:)
  3. Is that a "LAW VISE"?
  4. No...Damaseal
  5. Nice fly. I think even my old aging eyes could track that pattern. :)
  6. Big E how do you keep the mono loop on the shank?? Too many have pulled out on me to trust it
  7. Nice fly Big E. Looks quite complicated. I am intrigued by the mix of real and synthetic materials. What is the fuzzy stuff under the body?
    Me thinks you are due for a new vise. Looks like yours has some cracks in the jaws.
  8. Combo of CCG and superglue.
  9. Dubbing harvested from Barney the Purple Dinosaur :D
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  10. Innovation. The mark of a great fly tier.;)
  11. So I did a bit of destructive testing using a half hitch tool inserted in the mono loop and pulling with three fingers and holding the hook eye down as much as I could. This was tied on a #6 streamer hook. Pulling as hard as I could, the first try resulted in a bit of a bend in the hook. I then put the whole hook point and bend in the jaws and again, pulled as hard as I could and moved it around. Finally I got it to let loose a bit and then, pulling perpendicular to the shank, I finally got it to come loose. I'm quite confident that any trout couldn't pull this thing out.

  12. agree
  13. CCG and superglue and Barney fur, no wonder...

    Thank you for the info!!

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