Whats next for echo TR 7130?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Cole L, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. So far I have an Echo Ion 8/10 and rio connectcore 0.32" shooting line. Whats next on my list besides the rod that I should purchase?
  2. Pick what style of casting you want to do and get a skagit/Scandinavian head
  3. is there something in between shooting line and backing? I'm confused by the back welded loop
  4. You'll need a loop on the end of your running line to connect to the loop on whichever head you'll be getting. There's a number of ways/knots to create that loop. Here's a link to the Deneki blog, which shows how a few guys set up their rigs.


    and here's a link to animated knots, to help you out:


    Since it sounds like you're relatively new to all this, it might be best to head to the new shop in town (Confluence?) and have them help you out, and show you how to build that connection.

    ..it'll be a good chance for you to talk sinktips too, as you'll be needing at the very least a couple of those as well.
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  5. No. Backing attaches to your running line. Its just like how some fly lines have a loop on the back that you can attach to your backing. Do either a loop to loop or an albright, whatever you prefer.

    Basically it goes like this:

    Fly is attached to your leader.
    Leader is attached to your scandi head or tip (skagit heads use different tips..t-14, mow tips, etc...and those tips are attached to your skagit head via loop to loop).
    Your shooting head is attached to your running line via the loops attached to them (loop to loop).
    Your running line is attached to your backing via a loop to loop or albright knot.
    Your backing is attached to your reel via a slip knot/square knot or whatever knot you want to tie.

    You can use other knots of course, but these are all super easy to tie and make your life easy due to how interchangeable they are
  6. I forgot to add that it's nice to throw some Softex or waterproof super glue on the knots if you have the chance, another reason why I suggested chatting up the local shop.
  7. thats the exact information I was looking for! Thank you!
  8. Nice Diagram! I also have the the TR 7130. After a couple of years with the rod I have settled on a 540 Skagit Compact, 510 Airflo Rage, 480 Scandi Compact.
  9. meh, I dunno about that Jason. There's no giant steelhead, or BOBO anywhere near it...:cool:
  10. I'm happy to meet you at Nugent's Corner on the Nooksack and help get you started. I have demo 540g/570g Skagit Compact with appropriate tips, Ambush 10wt, 480g Scandi with polyleaders and NextCast 6/7 Fall Favorite/Winter Authority that all work well on the TR7. It's a favorite rod of mine.

    The great thing about this rod is its ability to handle a variety of style lines. Awesome rod!
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  11. i wanna try that ambush
  12. Let me know if you'd like to head a little north...I can meet you at Young's Bar on the Skagit in Mt. Vernon. Good casting bar, albeit a little sandy.

    I really like the way the Ambush casts on the TR 7130. It was much better than I expected. The taper's a little different; and, I think you lose some ability to carry half a chicken. It doesn't perform as well as a "conventional" Skagit Compact in a 20 mph wind.
  13. I wish I was living in Whatcom/Skagit counties, I miss taking Ed up on all of his generous offers. He'll make you a better caster to boot!
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  14. come to think of it, it's suprisingly tame for a BassTurds comment...
  15. Just got your message
  16. Take Ed up on his offer. If you go at it on your own at this point, you could find yourself years behind on the learning curve if you line the rod wrong. How do I know? I bought rio midspey, for my 12'6'' rod, to learn on (I can cast the setup now, but it's not easy). I thought I had everything figured out, and went with it. I literally set my casting back years.

    Talk to people, try some lines, get some pointers--you'll be fishing a lot sooner.

    Plus, Ed rules, and you're missing out if you live in Bellingham and don't hang out with Ed.

    Good Luck!
  17. bass turds is a moron
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  18. "you're missing out if you live in Bellingham and don't hang out with Ed."

    I don't know about that...more like losing a bet. Thanks for the kind words, DD.
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  19. ok breaking news the skagit max 550 is my go to,

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