What's one of the more productive beaches by Edmonds?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Derek Holmes, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. I am new to beach fishing and was wondering what a productive beach would be worthwhile to fish, in and around the Edmonds area. Picnic Point is farther north than I'd like to drive, looking more for the Edmonds area. Any advice here would be much appreciated. Of course my main target would be coho. Thanks in advance!
  2. Word has it that Meadowdale can be productive. Just don't ask me directions. I'm only passing on the words of others. Haven't been there yet.
  3. If you plan to achieve any level of success fishing for salmon along Puget Sound beaches you'd best be prepared to travel -- because that is what the salmon will be doing. All the better spots can be "hotspots" at times and at other times, devoid of salmon. Coho salmon showing up now are feeding machines and will be for another month or so. Today's 5-pounder will be next month's 8-10 pounder. Pinks don't grow as rapidly at this point of their journey.
    You didn't say how far you are willing to drive, or from where. This information should help you get some good information.

  4. I live in Edmonds and have found that Picnic Point is the closest place to go. It only takes 5-10 minutes to get there from Edmonds-Woodway high school. Meadowdale is too much of a pain to get to.
  5. Get a map and go explore.

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