What's the best fly line for the money?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Water Flogger, Jul 13, 2009.

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    iagree Couldn't agree with you more.
    I make my living with tools. The brand name means alot less than the craftsman's hand holding it.
  2. LL Bean has an Airflo Tactical Trout in Presentation Taper for 29.00. That's a deal for an excellent stillwater/dry fly line. My favorite; low memory, easy to carry lots of line.
    I do like my Rio Nymph taper and their DC sink tips as well.
    Look around, ask your local shop if they have any demos. Picked up a Rio Grand and a Type VI 15' DC sink tip for $10 each in Portland last winter; like new and sure nice on the wallet.
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    So you skip the DeWalts and Milwaukees, and buy exclusively PowerFist products.
    They fit the craftsman's hand do they not?

    Thx for the responses, guys. Looks like SA has some of the best $/Unit of Goodness rating.