What's the Best Trout Streamer Rod?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by JesseC, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Kirk Singleton

    Kirk Singleton Capt Kirk

    stick with the 8 weight, I use the SA sharkskin 300g streamer express line- it will saw your fingers off but casts like a mofo. My streamers are 6" articulated with led eyes. You need a 7 or 8 wt to do get them to fly.
    Read some of Kelly Gallups info and watch his video. Here is another good read http://www.yellowstoneangler.com/2010MontanaFishingOutlook.asp
  2. Rick Todd

    Rick Todd Active Member

    I still have a number of 2 piece rods-RPL+ 590, SP 590, Loomis IMX 490, LL 389, GLX 790 and 890. They work great and since I have a big ass truck, storage for trips is not a problem, in fact they fit under the back seat of my truck. When I'm flying I have enough rods in enough weights to cover most fishing. I wouldn't let the fact that a rod is 2 piece stop me from buying it. I have a good fishing buddy that works for Jimmy Buffet and the whole band does a lot of fly fishing on the road. Jimmy has several one piece Loomis rods for his sport fisher boat, rigged for big game fishing. Rick
  3. Wow what a good question. Since all of us have our own casting style and loading feel, each is such a personal matter.
    I love my 6w reddington switch for both single and double hand casting. I would reccomend it to anyone for all aspects of swinging, floating, nymphing and high sticking. I also love my 10' 5w sage xp for all of the same situations. No it is not a 2 handed rod, yet I can putt an over sized reel and line on it and still throw it the distance I need.
    Go to dealers that will let you play with the rods and find the one that excites you properly.
  4. Porter

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    Great for your truck travel...great for the basically unlimited funded angler, but for the average fly fisher who travels with family in a wagon or SUV, with friend in a cramp suburu, and by airplane to planned once in a decade destination...the four piece is very convenient. If you need to ask , you simply don't understand.
  5. triploidjunkie

    triploidjunkie Active Member

    I wagon or most SUVs couldn't make to most of the places I fish. I guess I'm a holdout. I usually won't buy a rod if I can't find it in a two-peice. If it isn't made in a two-peice, I buy I twopeice holder and just leave it half put together(time saving technique. I'm going to buy a rooftop traveling holder just because I've lost too many chances at big fish even taking the time to put two peices together, mostly at Omak lake). A couple years ago I asked a rep why so many rods were going only 4-peice. He didn't have a good answer, except maybe convenience. How much performance is lost I wondered? "With today's technology, not TOO much", was the reps answer. If you didn't have too, why lose any performance? I think two-peice should be standard with 4-peice rods optional or custom ordered, not the other way around.
  6. Rick Todd

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    Triploid-I'm with you on this one. My 4 piece rods are kept in two-rod cases (the ones where you can keep the reel on) with the 4 pieces joined to make a two piece. Porter-I'm really don't have an unlimited budget (ask my wife!) and if you look at my rods, some (most) are 15-20 years old. That means I have purchased maybe one rod every 3 years. I don't think I've paid retail for any of them. A couple at 40% off when H&H shut down up here. The two GLX's at 50% off when Gorilla Sports shut down in B'ham. Several were purchased on E-bay. It seems like I do have a lot of rods, but they get used by my wife, our two son-in-laws, my brothers, and other beginning fly fishers I invite along to introduce them to our great sport. I have put my 2 piece rod case in a lot of SUV's including a Suburu, again, doesn't seem to be much of a space problem unless I'm flying. Rick
  7. Kirk Singleton

    Kirk Singleton Capt Kirk

    I would rather have 2 piece rods. I leave them in a rod case as well. I dont fly often with a rod and I think I would rather have the lighter weight and less prone to breaking. Nobody seems to stock a 2 piece z axis.
  8. IveofIone

    IveofIone Active Member

    If ever there was a thread on this site that sounded more like a bunch of high school girls primping their ensembles for the prom.................................

    Fishing streamers is just not that fucking complicated. Just get out there and get your fly in front of the fish.:beathead::beathead::beathead:


  9. tkww

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    The man raises a good point. But I'll say this: if you like fishing heavy flies or heavy lead eyes or big bunches of split, I wouldn't be afraid of a rod that's on the slow side of fast, or at least not ultra-fast. While who thinks what rod is what is a personal thing to some degree, the sage vt2 and z-axis comes to mind. Or redington's rs4 series, or the winston B2x.

    I don't care for the feeling of concentrated weight on very fast sticks. If I'm casting the line a lot (like I might if I was steelheading or streamer fishing), I start feeling a disconnect with heavy flies. If I'm using sink tips/heads/lines where the weight is spread out, I have no qualms with the ultra-fasts.

    I do a lot of nymphing on big water like the D with a 9'6" 6 wt z-axis. I also use it for smaller steel. I also use it for smallies. And carp. I haven't done much large streamer casting with it. But it casts carp or smallie flies pleasantly. It water-loads a nymph rig nicely. I think it's a great all-around stick. I can't speak to a switch, but since most manufacturers say that a 6 wt switch is for summer steel, that makes me think you'll be a little disappointed on the guppies.
  10. snarlac

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    I too use a sage zaxis 697 for that. Sage, Scott, and "theflyshop.com" have these specialty nymphing rods with stiffer tips and a stout but more flexible butt section, but I haven't tried one or heard anything about them. The most common size seems to be at least 6 wt for doing that type of fishing.
  11. Leroy Laviolet

    Leroy Laviolet Aint no nookie like chinookie

    Scott S3S 6wt. salt water rod for streamers uplined w/ a 7wt line .... Light, super quick 6 wt, with the balls to be uplined and punch a big streamer in the wind... I was shocked, and they're CHEAP second hand on the bay -
    There's yer pearl-
  12. Keith Hixson

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    I must agree, maybe we are too old to appreciate these strange dilemmas. When its cold I guess your mind wanders. Ive thanks for saying what I was thinking.
  13. rick matney

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    Wow. Really? Hmmm well Ive frome Ione I am not a student of your philosiphy. I grew up in your backyard and I promise it is not even close to that simple. Further more I realize that my idea of streamer fishing is far from the norm in the social media that has become fly fishing. I guess I cannot give adavice on something that is far more diverse than I once thought it was. I personally throw a 9' 9wt echo II saltwater with a 350 grain airflo depthfinder quickmax 28 to a fly that would make kelly galloups whole box look pathetic.....so I guess that I am alone on this one.
  14. Jake H

    Jake H Banned or Parked

    Not alone. Isolated.
  15. Leroy Laviolet

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    "" Re: What's the Best Trout Streamer Rod?
    Originally Posted by IveofIone

    If ever there was a thread on this site that sounded more like a bunch of high school girls primping their ensembles for the prom.................................

    Fishing streamers is just not that fucking complicated. Just get out there and get your fly in front of the fish.


    I must agree, maybe we are too old to appreciate these strange dilemmas. When its cold I guess your mind wanders. Ive thanks for saying what I was thinking.
    Keith Hixson Ellensburg, WA""

    Has to be a pair of trolls, or two of the more foolish posts I've seen on this forum in a long time...
    Not gonna even try to understand them...Mantey, u obviously have the esence of streamer fishing nailed in a way you have come up with , one of the the most exciting methods of all fishing in fresh water. Lots of ways to skin these cats... Some just don't get it I spose-
  16. CC898

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    Sorry, Had to bring this one back up. I just casted the "new" StCroix Bank Robber. All I can say is it is a streamer dream rod! Very powerful butt, and nice soft tip...no thudthudthudthuds when casting heavy bugs, cones or leadeyes. Very sensitive. I will now be selling my current 7 for one of these. They come in a 6&7 reel seat is butt ugly, but I will build my own rod anyway. They are very much worth a look!
  17. Derek Day

    Derek Day Rockyday

    I think it's hard to give a proper prescription without more info.

    What kind of streamer fishing do you plan to do? Do you like fishing sinktips or sinking lines? Do you prefer floating lines with weightes flies? Are you fishing from the bank or do you plan to toss flies from a boat?

    I primarily fish from the bank. I fish floating lines and weighted flies. I fish pretty big, heavy flies, not that big but about the size most people use for winter steelhead. I find that I can manipulate the fly better on a floating line. I like a slower rod. It's smoother to cast and I don't have too worry about lifting a sink tip out of the water. I wouldn't go bigger than a 6 wt for this. I've fished a 7wt but found it to be less fun.

    If you plan to go the Matney route, it's whole different ball game. And, I don't really feel it's appropriate for yakima sized trout. When 20'' is big for a river, the 9wt is probably overkill. But maybe 20'' is big on the Yak because Matney doesn't fish there often enough...
  18. longstick

    longstick Member

    sage z axis 5110 with a 325 skagit short