Whats the best way to clean cork grips?

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  1. I have a rod with some light soiling on the cork grip and I dont want to ruin its appearance by using the wrong stuff. Any advise?
  2. Fish in the rain! Seriously...
  3. I'd heard of people using denatured alcohol and used it on some bait rods years back and it worked well. google "how to clean cork fly rod grips" and you will probably get all kinds of ideas.
  4. Bad juju. Cleaning the mojo off.
  5. My favorite is Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, it works great. Just dip it in water and rub it a little bit.
  6. Bad juju. man thats funny, I'd use that phrase for many things but never about fishing pole grips. I will proceed being careful to leave some of the juju hidden away.

    Thanks All
  7. fishing pole????? That's bad juju.
  8. I've used a soft-scrub mildly abrasive cleaner with a wet paper towel on cork. It worked well for me but I didn't scrub too hard....FYI this was recommended to me by someone who has used this procedure for years and is very picky regarding his equipment.
  9. I have heard that this works well, although I have yet to try it.
    Simple Green with a little warm water and a toothbrush works well for me.
  10. At the shop we use either a very sandpaper or 70% isopropyl alcohol and sometimes both.

  11. I tried the sponge eraser and it worked perfect.

    Thanks again
  12. i'll agree.

    try a wire wheel though, should bring out a brand new finish.
  13. Toothpaste.
  14. Baking soda works great.
  15. Soft bristled brush and a little laundry detergent or dawn. I do not like using abrasives (sand paper, hard bristled brushes), it can some times create a ridging..
  16. You fish it more. You get it wet more, you wipe it dry, you don't take any drastic mesures to remove the rod's soul from its previous successes.
  17. Bad juju! I've never cleaned cork on a flyrod. Only time I've ever cleaned cork on a gear rod was after using bait. And even then it was a dunking in the river and using my hand to get residue off. I call it a patina on the handle.

    Leave handle as is. Keep its soul intact. Next thing you are gonna ask is best way to clean your vest! Blasphemy! ;)
  18. Best way to clean your vest...put it on and fish in the rain.
    What is next? What type of vodka to use to clean your wader funk out?
  19. It's not wader funk, it's fish attractant. Get it right Ed. :)
  20. I know Jerry, I know. I was trying to get onboard with the whole cleaning theme.

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