What's the deal on spey co. reels?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by golfman65, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. I've looked over their site and talked with the owner..very nice looking reels etc. Just seeing allot of them getting dumped right now for pretty damn cheap so gotta wonder if there is something wrong with um or not?

    Feel free to pm me if you'd rather, not bashing them at all, think they are pretty bad ass myself and thought hard about buying one...
  2. GM,

    I think they look pretty nice and are made well from what I have heard. My thinking is they are a copy of a Hardy Perfect, so go with the "reel" thing.
  3. Not sure what you mean by other dumping them. They retail for $425-450, most sell for $400 or $350 used. I'm actually looking for one, as you cannot buy one on their website. They are on back order. If anyone has one, and wants to sell it, pls let me know.

    From what I've heard, the Hardy's are not what they use to, and some have blown up on running fish. I feel the SpeyCo. reels are better and louder :)
  4. TFG,

    'From what I have heard' Salmon sized Perfects haven't been produced (other then the re-issue 1912 reproductions around the turn of the millenium) for 25+ years...not sure how they are 'not what they used to be'.


  5. Right, Well not Perfects, but Bougle's, Cascapedia's, and Angels
  6. Ones on speypages now..think there have been 3 or 4 on there the last month or so...

    Yeah, copies but done allot better, material wise etc. Think they would be sweet on a trout spey or such...just wonder why seeing so many for sale recently..
  7. Good post, as I've spent a bunch of time on the Speyco site recently admiring the cool reels. I'm also interested in purchasing one and saw the one on speypages, but opted to hold out for the color scheme I like.

    When I contacted the owner about the Speyco Summer Spey, he could not even give me a ball park estimate as to when they would be available. If you are in the market for one, it's kind of hard to wait around when the owner can't even say 3 months, six months, 9 months or a 2 year wait. Yes, he seems like a nice guy. I did a search on speypages and all accounts that I read from guys who own them, love them. I could not find one negative thing said about them, but guys over there on that site aren't near as out spoken;) as they are here.

    As far as the turn over, I see lots of Hardy Perfects, Marquis, a few Bougles etc, being bought and sold as well and I don't question the reel itself. Whether a Speyco reel or a Hardy, I think they are just big boy toys and guys buy and sell them to finance the next toy buy.

    I'm also interested in a Bougle or Perfect as well. But most of the Perfects aren't LHW and I really don't want to convert. The new Bougles look really great, are easily convertible and fit into the weight class (9oz) that I am looking for to balance out my new spey, but they are manufactured in Korea. That is why I got interested in the Speyco reels. Made in the US by a cottage industry, reasonably priced, and very pleasing to the eye.
  8. It seems, though I haven't followed or analyzed it closely, that there's been an increase in medium- to higher-priced fly tackle offered on online classified ads in the last few months. Considering the nation's financial troubles, that's not surprising, is it?
  9. Iv'e been looking to. Have also talked to the owner too. Nice guy!!!!
    He is going to make a smaller one in 3" 3.5". They are due out around 2-3 months. I have my name on one. Can't wait. The price is better than a Hardy but best of all Pawl drag. OLD SCHOOL!!!!!
    Good luck on finding one!!!!!!
  10. TFG seems to be among a growing number who want a Spey Co reel and would rather not wait in line for one. I have not known any owners of these reels who were unhappy with the quality or performance. There is one owned by a local guide that has been heavily abused for many months and it is still ticking nicely. I'm inclined to agree with the general opinion that you are just seeing the normal churn of boys swapping expensive toys.

    That said, if you are really looking to treat yourself with that reel of a lifetime, I'd recommend you talk inland into building one for you. His reels are absolute works of art and treasured by the few who own them. Someday I'll trade my soul for one...
  11. It's all about how much you want to pay. The Speyco reels are a traditional click check reel that are almost indestructible--not like the old Hardy's--for a much lower price. There is also a wide selection in colors/materials. The reels have become so popular there is a much longer wait than when Tim first introduced them. That says alot. I personally like them. We are fortunate to have so many choices these days in good reels to choose from.
  12. The Spey Co reels are just fine. We have one that has been field tested a great deal and works well.

    As to a lot of them being "dumped" lately, that has to do with things being tight for some people.

    A look @ the Spey Pages classified will show a great deal of tackle being "dumped". There is nothing wrong with any of this tackle. Either the seller needs some coin or is bored and wants something new. Both pretty common reasons of late.

    As to the Bougle, I know where there are a 4" and 3 3/4" UK Mark 6 reels with the reincarnated off shore price.

    The reincarnated Hardy Salmons are the best bang for the buck in a click and pawl reel.
  13. I have a Spey Co. Summer Spey, and it is money. I did have a problem with the pawl flipping on a fish, and when I told Tim about it he told me to send it back in. He put a post in to prevent the pawl flipping, and I had it back in a week. Totally good guy to deal with, but it sounds like all the happy customers have caught up with him. He says he's putting the posts in to prevent pawl flipping on all the reels he makes now, so that should no longer be an issue. My reel looks sweet, fishes sweet, and absolutely growls with a fish on. I highly recommend them.
  14. well, Hardy reels used to be made in a firstworld country and are now made in a third world country where the workers make dollars a day.
  15. I have five SpeyCo. reels and love each one of them equally :D

    Never had a problem with any of them as of yet . I'm not a tackle abuser , but I do work them hard and demand performance or else the stuff gets dumped . I sold my Hardy's and replaced them with SpeyCo. reels . That's not saying that the Hardy's failed the test , just preferred the SpeyCo. reels ..... it's a "me" thing .

    The SpeyCo. reels are very sweet , wicked looks and wicked sound ..... it's no wonder they are on back order . Everytime I speak with Tim , he's swamped with production .... but he loves it ..... it's his dream .

    My latest reel .... a Summer Spey with the Snake-Roll handle has the dual clickers !! If you thought the original sound was cool , you should hear the "dually" option :thumb: I should also mention that I get Tim to omit the holes on the spool for me ... I just like the looks of a solid back-plate on a reel ..... very sexy !!

  16. While your quote may be a true fact it has nothing to do with the quality of the product which is every bit as good as the UK versions.

    It's not always the reel. I've seen a couple of Bougle reels that blew up on hot fish, at least that's what the owners told me.

    What really happened was the reel's owner got the line tip inside the reel and unknownly got it wrapped under itself where it eventually worked it's way down into the backing. When these guys hooked up with a hot fish and it made a fast run that backing finally came to that tangle and bang no more fish.
  17. Mike,
    I used to see that all the time at the flyshop. Sometimes multiple twists. Of course, it was the reel's fault...;)
  18. I have seen the Spey Co. reel and if I had the coin I would grab one. That is one purrrdy reel.
  19. Ive got one on order....pre paid, to make sure im at the top of that growing waiting list. Hand made reels of this variety and quality will NOT be able to sustain demand at his individual craftsmans pace forever. It a dubious honor, cause it inevitably happens to the very best,-- just like Craig Harris-- and the immortal SOLITUDE of pre 2004. That was a helluva reel.

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