Whats the deal with switch rods?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Globetrouter1, Mar 1, 2011.

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    I have a 5 weight 11ft tfo switch rod and have always lined up but used to have a 7wt airflow with a 40ft shooting head and it seemed to throw a single hand snap t decent but timing is key so i bought a 5wt royal wolf line with a 20 foot shooting head and its all wrong. Should have lined up but whats the best line for 11ft switch rods?
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    What is the switch rod, manufacturer and model? Do you know the grain window of the rod?
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    Nov 22, 2009
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    The Ambush lines are first designed as a single hand line and guys figured that they could be use for some switch rod applications. There was so much demand that Wulff made bigger line weights ( 9wt and above) to serve the switch rod and heavy single hand market. If you put your 5WT Ambush on a single hand rod you will find that it makes a great shooting line with very little backcast room, it's original design use Most 5WT switch rods need a minimum of about 270 grains to load and can throw 400 grains fairly well. My 5wt switch I use a 8Wt Ambush line. This will load the rod enough to throw medium sized flies and a 8' chunk of T-8 just fine. It is important not to confuse single hand weights with two handed weight lines. It is best to find out what the grain window is for that particular rod and match the line grain weight into the window. For a faster feel go to the bottom of the window and for a deeper load feel go to the upper end of the rod's grain window

    Here are the grain ratings for the Ambush lines:
    4WT 195gr / 5Wt 218gr / 6WT 250gr / 7WT 266gr / 8WT 290gr / 9WT 350gr / 10Wt 400gr / 11WT 450gr / 12Wt 500gr / 13WT 550gr.

    Good luck.