What's the deal with the west coast fisheries?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by s2ary, Jul 28, 2008.

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    Oh come on now. If you fished for 10 hours that would amount to 10 fish an hour and 6 minutes to land each one, with a 5 weight:rofl: I ain't buying it.
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    Hmmmm..... Voice in Head starts speaking..... "Message to self. Next time I feel like bullshitting someone, remember Kerry's blunt illustration that PNW fly-fishermen not only will check your story, but more importantly they can all count......Save bullshit stories for schoolie experts from East Coast, especially Maine..... Noted." :D Coach
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    Note to both know it alls...there were three of us, and its true. Another note next time mighty PNW fly fisherman want to call "eastcoasters" liars...remember you don't know it all. If only I could BS like all you great and mighty ones. I bow to your humble greatness.....

    You may not be buying it, but thats ok ......I'm not selling it, aside form there being three of us most times, they were coming that quick. How much striper fishing you guys done?
  4. Coach Duff

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    I've I've I've had some 100 fish days (schoolies) on my five weight. Do you say that, or did you say, "I've fished with two buddies a few times, and we've hit over 100 fish in a day of fishing schoolies." Now what do you expect us to read into your statement? Note to self.......Voice in Head starts up again...."When bullshit artists from Maine start throwing around fish counts always assume that "I've" really means me and two other guys." How could Kerry and me be so stupid? Everyone in Maine really means "me and two other guys" when they say "I've had some 100 fish days on my five weight!" Now when you go fishing in Washington since you live there now, I means I and two other guys means me and two other guys. We keep it simple us "know it alls". Tight lines and welcome to Washington.
    PS We have stripers up and down the West Coast. The oversized White Perch is not an exotic species to Northwest folks. More than a few of us have caught them in rivers and in the salt. In fact many years ago, I think it was a 66 pounder caught in Oregon. Anyways, welcome aboard and now you can loosen up your undies.
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    Change I've had, to I've seen.....couldn't wait to jump on it, and call someone a liar could ya? The whole point was regarding the number of fish around. But you just want to lurk here, and pick people apart, ignoring the context of the discussion? Was my point about the health of the fishery, at the time, invalid? BTW.....you ever been to Maine........you obviously have a problem with people from Maine. I make a mistake and you start talking crap about the people from the whole state. The "bullshit artist" comment, is bullshit.
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    From the title of this thread I did not expect to see exchanges like these! KerryS and Coach have me :rofl::rofl::rofl: again!
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    I guess if you want to get all bent out of shape because I had a hard time believing you caught 100 fish in day, do so. The deal is if we were sitting at the bar with a group of guys shooting the shit and you had made that same claim I and I expect several others would have called bullshit. Now, are you going to jump and start yelling at everyone saying crap like what you said above or are you going to say that there were 3 guys fishing that day and caught about a 100 fish between us. Get your balls down, no one is calling you a liar, just doubting you original story which was very easy to take the way we did.
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    As funny as it is to bust nutz, I do not doubt that there is truth to the story.

    It is a New England thing to count the fish in the boat without distinction of the rods in the water. I think it is a tradition that started with the commercial fishing industry. They do it with cod, haddock, stripers, blues, and tuna. In fact often times they make no distinction between cod or haddock and count them as one species. It is also the custom for the skippa to take the credit.

    It took me 4 or 5 years to understand NE.
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    r's do not exist except where they do not belong, in phrases like "ya'r' it is"
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    Names of towns like Gloucester that is pronounced 'Glosta'

    don't get me started.