What's The Latest Bass Report?

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Jay Burman, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. It seems the bass are about three weeks behind schedule. I have enjoyed some modest success at Banks Lake fishing for Smallies and I would like to hear what going on in the last week or so. I landed 10 Smallies at Banks using a #4 Murdich Minnow that a learned about from this site. That was last week. What is happening at other lakes? I'm planning a trip to the eastside this week and would like the latest info to help me decide where to go.:confused:
  2. Its been hit and miss down here, bucktail streamers have been doing Ok by me with a painfully slow retrieve and long pauses. Last week I caught maybe 3-4 LMB every evening, 1 over 2 lbs(big for this lake). Yesterday I had rainbows darting out of the reeds to take flys but couldn't find the bass.
  3. Thanks. Doesn't sound too promising just yet. I'll keep trying and post my results. Your input is very helpful.
  4. Hit the swollen Columbia last Sunday for three hours. Five landed and at least that many missed. Off color and running strong. Not purdy conditions.. found a few beds... some were fatties.. some were spawned out. It's really a mixed game out there now.

    Long Lake yesterday produced 8 to hand. Biggest 18". Probably missed more than we landed.

    Evening yesterday on Frenchmans Hills Lake.. 4 topwater strikes and NONE landed... then a front moved in an killed the largie bite.

    Best fishing I have heard yet was the spawn on Moses when it was on. Some guys really racked up numbers there.
  5. Went back out today after the rain stopped and threw everything I had where I normally find fish, even threw on an intermediate and tried deep to see if they moved back down didnt see a single bass.

    Saw one surface take off a dock and put a streamer on it and thought I had one, turned out to be a little cutthroat.
  6. Caught over 20 LMB today, biggest well over 5 lbs the smallest about 3 lbs. So I finally found them.

    To bad I had to fly to Texas to get them!
  7. It's been a very strange Spring. More fish in the past few days but still not great around here. On a good note the Blue Gill in my pond started bedding this week !!!

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