What's the solvent for Hard as Hull?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Allison, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. I'm guessing acetone, but maybe someone has already figured it out, sparing me the trial and error. I have an almost empty bottle of HaH and it's getting a bit thick.
  2. You can use a variety of polar solvents such as acetone, ethylacetate, or probably even isopropyl alcohol to thin out acrylics (I would get my hands on the pure stuff rather than nail polish remover, as it often has other additives or water).
  3. That does not answer the question correctly. Acrylic paints as developed my Rohm and Haas are properly broken down with ammonia and to a degree water, and have a distinctly different smell than HAH. While HAH claims to be an "acrylic", it has a distinct acetone smell that makes me think it's way more like nail polish than it is like acrylic paint.

    If you have ever smelled acrylic artist paints, or their base, which is the R and H product Rhoplex, you know exactly what I am talking about. Acrylic paints also do not dry with as hard of a finish as HAH or nail polish.
  4. Joe M. nailed it, still. Acrylic resin is soluble in acetone or toluene. I did not mean to suggest that you had any of the 1901 era acrylic paint. You've already said that yours was thick and you wanted to thin it. I would neither use ammonia nor water, these are used to break it down, not thin. If that does not answer your question correctly then you know the correct answer and should never have asked the question. Simple mineral spirits will work to thin it also. I'm no chemist, just a dumb ass, but thinning fly tying head cement is not rocket science. Throw some nail polish remover in it, not ideal, but it too will work. Best of luck.
  5. The typical way you get a super flat and glossy film is to combine solvents that have different boiling points and vapor pressures. You mix them in ratios such that you get a very smooth drying curve. You might also consider that our noses are very much more sensitive to some solvents as compared to others. That being said, if you smell acetone there is most likely acetone present, but that doe not mean that it is the only solvent. Reguardless that would be a fine dilutant, but other polar organics would also work. I wouldn't recommend Toluene (sorry Mumbles) this is not polar and not so friendly to mens little swimmers, and as such should really only be used in a fume hood.
  6. I'm not a chemist, acetone thinned the hard as hull I have.
  7. A fresh,new bottle of hard as hull would do the trick as well. Probably, just as cost effective as buying a thinner.
  8. I already bought another bottle, I just want to get what's left out of the old bottle. Being an artist and a female, I have plenty of solvents on hand. Not tolulene though, that shit's way poisonous to humanoids.
  9. Thinned it with nail polish remover. Worked great, and something always on hand.

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