What's the STRANGEST thing you ever caught?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Dan Reynolds, Oct 11, 2002.

  1. Old Man

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    What do I know---I'm just an old man

    When I was a kid. (no laughing) We used to catch them all day long in Puget Sound off of Manette(Bremerton). But in those day they were so plentiful,we would throw them up on the rocks so they could get a sun tan.

    But the best was last year when my buddy was fishing the F/Fork Of the Sky in the winter. He caught a bolder and swore it was a steelhead. He fought it for 20 minutes before he found out what it was. He was using a bobber and a jig. The way the bobber was moving in the current you would swear it was a fish.

  2. wa_flyfisher

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    What are the odds of this one?

    I hooked into a nice silver that broke me off. I continued fishing the hole. I ended up catching the same fish I hooked before. This time however, I hooked it through the eye of the hook that broke off with my line. I was fishing #4 clousers both times. It was nice to get my fly back.
  3. aaron j

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    When a youngster, and not yet attuned to the art of flyfishing, I once caught a large painted turtle on a worm in the Snake River. Another time near Gig Harbor while bottom fishing for rockfish, I brought up a small octopus that was wrapped around my plastic worm jig. Being fearless, I let it crawl across my hand, where it nipped me with its beak! I still have a tiny scar from the encounter.

    Aaron J :LOVEIT
  4. SMiller435

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    I hooked my friend's eye when he walked behind me as I casted.

    Went through his bottom eyelid, and out his upper eyelid hooking his eye shut.

    Miraculously, his eyeball itself was untouched - Thank God!

    Let 'em go!
  5. baseballandfishing

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    yea getting hooked in the eye sucks. happenned to me when i was fishing with my friends. but luckily didnt get my eye ball just the eye lid. weirdest thing i caught was when i wrapped my line around a branch, i pulled the branch came off. it was floating donwstream with the fly behind it. a little cuttie came up hit the dry and i caught him.
  6. Sean Beauchamp

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    just remember, throw 'em back

    i got a rotten, yellow, stinky, dead chum at the cracker bar a few years back. awesome fighter! yea right. c+r of course. my grandpa caught a 15" rainbow out of silver lake in everett in the 80's. the fish had two heads! the backbone split into two about halfway down the fishes back. only one head appeared functional, the other was all deformed. way to go hatcheries! i also caught a few rainbows three years ago at Lake Ki on opening day that were flourescent pink. like hot pink! it was some sort of dye, i dont now what from. but it oozed off of them and when you cut them open it was all runny pink stuff. that was weird. and finnaly, my dad and i raised up our crab pots one time to find a huuuge flounder in our pot! man, that was some stroke of luck for that thing to get in there. it had to of swam perfectly up the ramps and it still barely squeezed through. it was the biggest one ove ever seen. manive probably caught more weird things than i can remeber at the moment.
  7. Bart

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    A water mossican (that's the way it's pronounced in E. Texas), Lake Pat Mayes, Texas. Put up a great fight. Got it to the boat, my buddy says "OK, dumb a$$, what you gonna do now". He wouldn't net it and I was sober enough not to lip it like a bass (it was early) so I cut the line and lost my best spinner bait :REALLYMAD
  8. Old Man

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    What do I know---I'm just an old man

    After reading about getting caught in the eye made me think of the few places in my body that I've been hooked or did by myself. My brother once when we were fishing with spinners,he got ready to cast it out and when he did it got me in the back of my head. It didn't go past the barb. And one other time when we were spin fishing on the Tolt. I cast it out and got hooked up on the other side on a branch. Well I tried to pull it free and in the process of doing it,it came back like it was shot out of a gun. It hit me in my belly and one of the barbs went thru my shirt and into my belly. Tried to back it out but just got it in farther past the barb. I couldn't get it out so I laid down in the back of my truck and beat it to Redmond to a medical clinic to have it removed. What made me mad is that the Doc. cut my favorite t-shirt to get it out. After all of that we went back to fishing.

  9. Sean Beauchamp

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    What's the STRANGEST thing you have not caught?

    just remember, throw 'em back

    i say that we change the thread to "what's the STRANGEST thing that you have NOT caught." im quickly growing tired of these fickle silvers. man im done with em, i ready to start fishing for my goldfish.......sleepless nights and fishless days....when will it end. cmon chums......
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    What's the STRANGEST thing you have not caught?

    caught a wolf eel in sekiu and a octopus at the artificial reef at blake island. the wolf eel was a trip I'll tell yeah. Ben
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    What's the STRANGEST thing you have caught?

    Ive caught several rocks, many fish carcases, and a leach. My fried speaks of catching Puffins while trolling so sivers out of Homer and Seward.
    Tight Lines From Alaska
    0012 :BIGSMILE
  12. Dan Reynolds

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    Don't knock sea cukes...in middle school we went on a special field trip deal on a boat that did scientific stuff. We dredged the bottom and brought up some of those...

    If you cut them open, there are muscles that run the length of them (along the inside) that you can cut up into pieces (look like macaroni) and fry. Kinda chewy but something new to try!
  13. 808fishin

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    While dunking (shore fishing on reefs with bait held off the bottom with lead) on Oahu, I have caught a couple of sting rays and a few sea turtles. The rays tooks the bait and had the hook well inside it's mouth. We ended up bring them to shore, but each time we cut the line well away from them and carefully pushed them back into the water with shovels. Didn't want their tail whipping around and catching us in the shin :ANGRY! The turtles we caught I believe got wrapped in our line and once we saw that we had a turtle on, we cut the line. They are super strong and fight real hard, but they are protected in Hawaii.

    I've also been bombed while spear fishing. We were diving about 100 yards off shore on evening and started loud hearing splashes around us about once every 10-15 seconds. We couldn't figure out what it was at first. As it turns out, it was golf balls raining down on us :EEK. A guy was in his back yard hitting golf balls into the ocean! We got the hell out of there before we caught one in the head.