What's up with Pass Lake

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Lil Hen, Oct 29, 2002.

  1. Lil Hen

    Lil Hen New Member

    Thinking about hitting Pass Lake this weekend. Has anyone fished Pass in the last week? What are the water conditions, temp, etc. Any info would be great thanks. Hen
  2. aaron j

    aaron j Member

    I fished it last Sunday from 8:30 till 4:30. Caught six or seven, mostly minnows. Two that were 16" or larger, and a couple of heavy duty strikes. The water was 55 degrees, and a good amount of the slime has been blown into the shore. But the bite was not really on; it should have been gang busters. Most of the big ones were hanging down in the weeds. Maybe you'll have better luck. Try buggers and minnow patterns right up on shore, or on a sink line about ten to fourteen feet down. Good luck!
  3. MacRowdy

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    Chum Candy Chum Candy one two three.. Lil'hen's in the house and so are we. Hey Hen, wassssuppp!? It's about time you got on here and posted some Schutff.

    Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce to you Hen: fly-fishing ZEN MASTER in training. Soon to be the youngest fly-fishing zen master in the history of the world.

  4. redgibber

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    The Fidalgo Fly Fishers did a litter cleanup Saturday AM. The algae is quite clear now, only some along the edges. We observed large trout chasing minnows, and I saw several large fish cruising the shoreline. I saw people catching fish in the morning when we got there. I say give it a try.
  5. Lil Hen

    Lil Hen New Member

    Sounds good, thanks for the reports. I'll post a report when I get back.

    Hey MacRowdy thanks for the intro, but what are you talking about "in training"? You know better than that. :THUMBSUP
  6. MacRowdy

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    Just figured that if I told everyone the truth they would be writing you non-stop asking for all of your zipper lips. But oh well.

    Be it known that this guy is not only a river/lake/saltwater zen master but he is a fly tying guru that never ceases to amaze me with innovative new flies nothing short of straight up genius. that was a mouth full.