What's up with Yakima?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Vic_sea, Mar 2, 2002.

  1. Vic_sea

    Vic_sea New Member

    I was in Yakima today trying luck with nymphing.
    Nothing.. like river is dead. Midges hatching but no fish activity.
    Asked several people but nobody caught a fish
  2. Kaari White

    Kaari White Active Member

    Read the reports before you go out- evening hatch and Worley bugger have daily or almost daily updates.
    It's been really warm over here lately and with all the snow melting, it's killed the fishing for at least a week
  3. Vic_sea

    Vic_sea New Member

    Thanks I will keep in mind
    btw where in Ellensburg flyshop located?
  4. Paul Huffman

    Paul Huffman Lagging economic indicator

    I went after work Feb. 27 and 28 below Roza to pick up a couple whitefish for dinner, and all I could catch was rainbows. It seemed a bit high but dropping and sufficiently clear. The water was about a foot high and was shooting right over my whitefish rock, so I couldn't make it stay in the eddy. But the trout liked a #12 black AP nymph. And I got one while testing the "fly" I predict will drive the fly purists and steelhead crazy: the wiggle bug. It wasn't red hot but I only got in an hour and a half before darkness forced me to stumble back to the truck.

    Saturday on the Klickitat there were BWO flying and Pteronarus on the water. It's coming!
  5. ChucknDuck

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    I've been using Wiggle Bugs four about four years. Usually only bring them out in desperation or when a few cans of Fosters make me ancy to try something else. I've caught everything from bluegill to chinook in Alaska with them. They are an interesting creation, kind of a unique cross between an old foam flip flop sandle and a kwikfish. Normally I don't take them out for the public to see, and don't use them on fly only waters...I'm not sure of the legality of the things in fly only designations. Kings on the Alagnak and Naknek loved the magnum size in white with a pink bucktail tail...definately not a pursit for the purists, but damn effective at times. I bought a few packs from Tullis when they first came out and still have quite a few. Guess they have their time and place. :HAPPY
  6. Kaari White

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    If you get off of I-90 at the Canyon Road Exit (the main Eburg exit) go towards town, you're on Main street. The Worley Bugger fly shop is on the right side, I believe it's right before Capital.
    Also- if you turn left on Capital, there's a Fred Meyer, pretty good sporting goods department- we just got it last June, biggest event ever in this town, lol....
  7. Yeah. People have been working real hard to catch fish on the yak lately. I and some guys from my club went down for the Yak clean-up that the Worley Bugger put on last Saturday and we must have launched 12 or 13 boats along different parts of the river. There were very few stories of success. Rising water and lowering temps make for some pretty picky trout, I guess. I think that most of the success came off of smashing the banks with dries--Madame X Skwala stone in something like and 8.

    I tried a stimular in an 8 and "no deals." Pulled the goose egg that day.

    Streams are made for the wise man to contemplate and fools to pass by.
    (Sir Izaak Walton)
  8. Paul Huffman

    Paul Huffman Lagging economic indicator

    What about Wiggle Bugs in the tropics? Any color recommendations?