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  1. I was also wondering what happened to the streamtech thread? I heard a difference of opinions there got someone booted and the thread deleted. Is that true? If not, what happened and where is the thread?
  2. I'll tell you what. There are only like 5 of us who know the whole story. So chances are you heard from one of them involved. So if you want to private message me with ALL the details you have and WHO gave you this info I can sort out who is FOS and who is telling truth.
  3. Should have chimed in earlier on this but it's a busy day.

    These days the WFF forum as a whole is moderator lightly. This time of year we do tend to focus more on the watercraft sub-forum. Why? It's sales season for the boat manufacturers with all the shows going on and folks signing on to push their vested interests is common during this season. Frequently the approach is to shill for a product / manufacturer or attack others anonymously.

    Regarding that last bit. Can you participate on the site anonymously while still being free to express your opinion? Of course you can. In this case his approach flavor'd of an attack, and while you're free to remain anonymous on the site but if you're attacking (which he clearly was) unless I can verify that you're a consumer and not representing another manufacturers interests, I'll make the call whether to allow you to participate further or not.

    Could I have made a mistake here? Yes. That's why I left a note with the "banned" notice. "Tossing you from the WFF forum. Your approach isn't appreciated without knowing who or what your representing. Until that changes, your not welcome to post here. If you wish to discuss it, my email is ...". It could have easily been cleared up if he was on the up and up, but he chose not to.

    We have no favoritism towards certain manufacturers, just a focus to keep the site marketing/sales free, save for occasional exceptions extended to it's sponsors.

    Gotta run.

    Chris @ WFF
  4. What did I do to ridicule you? You seem easy to agitate. I was not attempting to ridicule, but wanted to see if you were "that guy" from before. It is a fair question, like it or not.
  5. he can't answer your question 'cuz he's been banned.

    i think he got his answer too. "flavor" it anyway you want guys.

    and no,i'm not him. just a curious observer.
  6. I've been one of the loudest critics of NFO but all my comments are directly related to their customer service. If what you say is true about being banned, I'd have been gone a long time ago. Not to mention all the other BS I throw at members here on a regular basis. Ed? So, good luck with whatever it is you're trying to do here. Seems you're just trying to reinforce your own perception of this site.
  7. couldn't muster the attention span to read the whole thread,could you?
  8. Nope, I'm still here!
    "I'm not initially impressed beyond the cool annonymous name."
    that statement seems pretty ridicule-ous
    -think about it
  9. Really, you're on here trying to tell the mods what they should or shouldn't lock down, telling them what you think is informational to the members, etc.

    Just kinda funny, really! I kept it to a minimum, your words don't need my interpretation.
  10. praise be!

    but WTF, chris? what kind of slipshod admin-ing is this?
  11. So, my response wasn't about your reading of the forum rules. It was about the above. Which seemed to be the premise of your.... very informative and helpful post.
  12. If you have such a dislike for this forum and the people on it, why are you here? Seems like this thread is personal.
  13. that's cool. i can tell reading comprehension isn't your strong suit. not everyone gets to ride the long bus with all the cool kids to school. i get it.
  14. i'll break it down to smaller chunks for those with the bibs around their necks.
  15. Thanks for your response Chris. Having never seen the deleted threads, I was unaware they were of an "attacking" nature. I have contacted the former member and let him know you are still awaiting a response from him, although I get the feeling he no longer wants anything to do with your forum. I agree that retailers and manufacturers should not be allowed to try to sell their products on posts in forums such as yours, nor should they attempt to affect the sales of others through anonymous bashing of their products. But again, I will pose the same question that I asked Jerry:
    "again, just trying to get to the bottom of this. when you say "secretly promoting directly or indirectly for a non sponsor" what does that mean? would that be PMing people and trying to sell them boats? Or would saying "I like aire boats, you should get one" be considered promoting for a non sponsor? And in bringing up spammers, are you saying that those are the types of actions and activities that get people banned?"

    it seems like there is a massive amount of leeway in this. I am just wondering where the line is/was crossed
  16. Well I hope Ignorance is no longer ignorant about how this forum operates. Chris lets folks discuss anything fly fishing related, and a few not so related, and informed opinions pro and con are welcome. Debates to the point of heated permeate this forum. You might say we value diversity. I have no issues with Scadden boats, but I happen to drive a Watermaster.

  17. Ignorance,

    Secretly promoting or dissing would be like if I bashed Scadden boats routinely on the forum while hiding the fact that I sell Watermasters.

    BTW, I don't sell any boats; just using that as an example.

  18. Igno, some of us have worked in the industry, and prostaffed for companies. You keep wanting an answer to a question that isn't that "black and white". This is a privately owned forum, though sponsors do pay to advertise. It's solely owned by one man, and he lets us all come on here for free to post. It's like a police officer who can sum up someone who is going to commit a crime. You get a spidey sense that leads you to watch. Is it always right? No. But it's usually pretty damned close. We do have some tools in place that let us know who is here under an AKA. I don't do the tracking, I just help with enforcement. From your own account about a banned user from this board messaging you out of the blue on another board about his thread and this forum and telling you "Let's see what this Jerry guy says to you" is HIGHLY suspect IMHO. Did you have a huge and long length discussion before you came here? I'm thinking there's something else in play, again it's spidey senses coming into play.

    I'm sorry for being involved in my childrens lives and not giving you a full onset answer ASAP. I was sent this link from a friend who thought I should look into it. So tried to do some cleanup as I could between matches and rest periods. So it's pretty rude on your part (and do believe I did put up in the previous response somewhere I'm doing this while at a Rugby match) to keep wanting an imediate answer.
  19. Ok, since now I can freely type and read (not on a phone). When someone new signs up during boat selling season and touts new boats, it becomes suspect. Yes, people can speak openly, but not "freely". Why? Because this site isn't owned by the people, it's owned by one man. Just that when it comes down to it, there always seems to be some sort of angle coming from the person starting the thread, whether it be to defend a friend who was booted for spamming, or a spammer under an AKA trying to stir the pot.
  20. I never told anyone to do anything, and I expressed my opinion on what I believe is informational. And Indy and I are 2 different people, by the way.

    -"Seems you're just trying to reinforce your own perception of this site."
    actually, I am trying to change my perception of a website that I only heard of today, and the things which I have heard have given me a negative perception. But the fact that we are still having this conversation does not reinforce that now does it?
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