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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by ignoranceisbliss?, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. good example, thanks
  2. You came here with a negative opinion and preconceived notion. I came here to learn, grow, and share.
  3. What's funny is you're "perception" is coming off one man's perspective who's been banned and starting out your first post the way you did without browsing all the different venues we have available here. Have you been to all the forums here? There's a wealth of info and knowledge on this board, once you weed through it. Alot of prostaffers, designers, etc from the industry on here (some well known names in fact under psuedonyms).
  4. I assure you that I am not friends with, nor have I ever privately corresponded with the booted member before today. I did pm with him after posting this, as we are both members of another forum, from which he became aware of this post and decided to contact me to briefly give his side of the story. I have had 2 pm's from him, each of which are only a few sentences long. I never demanded an immediate answer to my questions, but just an answer in general. Thats not too much to ask of someone who responds to my posts but not my question. I, alas, do not have your "spidey sense", and therefore was not aware that you were busy with your children and responding from a phone. Upon learning that, I did not demand that you answer my question, but asked another admin who had included themselves in the conversation, the same question. Additionally, you asked me to pm you some information, so you could answer a specific question of mine. I sent you that info and have said nothing more on the particular subject, and am PATIENTLY awaiting your response.
  5. I posted this up at 12:49 pm this thread. Check above, can't lie on that.
  6. I answered your question on here, just a couple posts above in this thread. So not sure what else you're looking for from me, unless I missed point you were going after.
  7. so anyone that comes on this site and talks about their new boat between the months of november and April are automatically suspect?
  8. Ok, outta curiousity since it's not the guy in question you're talking about, since he messaged you AFTER you had put this post up. Who was the original poster you're talking about?
  9. No, not even close. Brand new members and their style of posting is what makes them suspect. To type out the style would take me FOREVER. It's the way their posting reads. Doing this for over a decade makes it easy to see. I'm sure Chris and Ibn can attest to it as well.
  10. Yes that is how perception works-you hear, read or see something that becomes the basis of your knowledge for that particular thing. Like I said I am trying to understand/change that perspective. I have read through a number of posts in the watercraft section, as that is what I am primarily interested in.
  11. So, who was the original guy in question you're talking about that led you here? From your own account, this other guy heard about you posting from a 3rd party to warn you about what happened to him. So since it wasn't him, who was it?
  12. You should've went through ALL the threads, or a good chunk of them before you posted this up. If you were to think about it, or even have any real insight in the boat industry (as a consumer or manufacturer) you'd know that boats are like fords, chevys, and dodges. They all have their lovers and haters. And will show up in threads when people talk about boats. It's when a rep of some sort from ford starts knocking chevy is where things get heated and out of hand. Same thing shows up with boats. You have die hard Aire, Sotar, Maravia, Bucks, Outcast, NFO, etc types on the board, alot NOT being on the payroll somehow. They will bicker back and forth. Some are truly educated on the boats, some are just in love with what they have, just don't know alot about them.
  13. THANKYOU! you finally attempted to answer my question without some bs response like "my spidey sense tells me they're bad". Obviously you have had trouble reading all this on your little phone, so I will reiterate how this came to be. I was reading another much different) forum and came across a thread about DS boats. A member of that thread posted that they had been kicked off WFF for stating a negative opinion od DS boats. Upon reading that, I decided to check out your forum, and being that you have to be a member I signed up. then I decided that I would directly ask the admins and members of the site if what I had heard was true. In the meantime, members of the other forum(including the one you booted from here) became aware of this thread, and I then recieved a pm from said booted member. Are you able to follow that?
  14. It's far from BS. It's not having a hard time reading. It's rushing to read when you have a limited amount of time between rest periods/matches. Trying to comprehend alot while working with a small screen/keyboard.

    And, this person, whoever it was, was not kicked off for saying bad things about DS. Why? Scadden isn't a sponsor, and like I said I'VE knocked Dave as well (and I do have powers higher then me on the board, so not immune to banning).

    Also, you DO NOT need to be a member to view the board. You do have to be a member to post though. Which makes me wonder why you shot first, asked questions later (would've been REALLY easy to message Chris Scoones, myself, or Ibn since we are listed as mods/admins).
  15. seriously, all of them? I read enough and did enough searches to find out that the thread I came looking for(i.e.-the one that got dude booted) has been deleted, and there seems to be an inordinate # of folks criticizing certain boats and frames as compared to other, similar forums. Therefore I decided to do this post. you should have added yugo to that list of cars, as there are definately some manufacturers out there who sell products that are way under par compared to the industry leaders, yet they make ridiculous claims to be comparable and "rated" to a certain class of whitewater
  16. First off, I'm well educated, though I work a grunts job. So making a statement like that WILL lead you into the direction of the guys you are refereing to off other boards. Do you follow that? ;)
  17. Dude, you're reaching now. Any idiot knows that it's always been the classic "ford vs chevy" debate. I didn't list EVERY pontoon boat maker out there when I added them. And onto posts, I said all or a good chunk. If you did, you'd got a feel for it. Like grabbing a new rifle, making one shot with it, missing the mark, and saying "this thing is a piece of shit". Unless you spend some time with it and zero it in, it's not going to do much for you.
  18. I posted because I VALUE THE OPINIONS OF THE MEMBERS OF THE FORUM. Seems like you have plenty of free time now, just about a response to the ST thread question. Is ST a sponsor?
  19. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You, the moderator of all people can talk trash and be disrespectful to the members of this forum, but when you get it back in return you threaten to kick me off? Come on man, its called give and take
  20. I just got home, so trying to warm back up after a day outside in the pouring near freezing rain watching my daughter play rugby. So yeah, have some time until I run outside to start getting my driftboat ready for a couple fishing trips this week.

    If you're new, how would you value anyones opinion? Who's to say WHO is giving their opinion. PLUS, only the Admins/mods and the parties involved know the WHOLE story. So you'd be getting heresay from anyone else about "what happened".
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