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  1. Ignorance, that part is clear. There are 35 pages in the Watercraft Forum. If you go thru all of the threads, you can point out to us who has been banned for solely stating a negative opinion of DS boats. Or, anyone who has criticized any boat manufacturer. Pretty sure you won't find 1. Even the locked threads are still up so you can see where each thread has gone. While you claim to want to be educated by the mods and members, I'd bet you won't spend the time to try and back up any of your comments. Some anonymous guy on some other forum says they were banned from WFF "because I simply stated something negative about DS boats."

    I'm sure it's just my reading comprehension skills.
  2. Ok, plain and simple. I didn't trash talk you. BUT, I do "trash talk" my long term posters who I have a repor with. You I don't.

    And, let me tell you something. All the members who know me (and know me personally who have even spent time in camps with me) would HARDLY call me disrespectful at all. I'm done with your games. I've been polite actually about responding back. I'm thinking when some of the powers that be come back, it'll get worse from there.
  3. Ignoranceisbliss, you are way off base wtih your take on Jerry. That type of take would be much more suited to PT or myself. In your first post you really threw down the gauntlet, didn't you? Since then you just keep stirring the same old pot. Do you want to talk about fly fishing, watercraft and cool shit or do you want to talk about interweb politics, personalities and perceptions?

    There is not enough popcorn currently, time to fire up some more.
  4. rut-roooh.
  5. Funny you did that. In all my years moderating. Those who stir the most shit always seem to be the ones who get pissed the most that they get banned. Then they play the "I don't want to play here anyways" card. Yet they lurk like no other. This is a great board, probably one of the most well rounded on the net IMHO. Just can't be too uptight to hang out here. I consider this board to be a "campfire" we're all sitting around. You get some good, you get some bad, but in the end as long as you don't go overboard you'll have a great time. :)
  6. Chris told me one time in a very matter of fact way. To paraphrase.

    This forum is like my dinner table. We serve a bunch of different dishes. There'll be plenty here that you like and some you won't. If you don't like the salad, don't eat it. But, don't stand up in my house and tell all my guests how shitty the salad is. If you do that, you may not be invited back to my dinner table.

    I had insulted his family and guests at the dinner table. I was also able to take a great lesson from that encounter. I apologized knowing I was wrong and am glad I'm still here. I don't like it all, but there's enough to keep me coming back for another helping. I could do without Mumbles and some of you other yahoos, but that isn't my Call;)
  7. That's a great read. Maybe Chris needs to post this pinned at top of EVERY forum. :)
  8. jerry babes, nah, i was laughing at you for saying that actually. you sound like some 5 year old warning off the the bully with a "wait til my dad gets home!" tantrum.

    lurking....here? don't flatter yourself. no idea why i registered for this place 5 years ago. i must have quickly realized it was the special olympics of fly fishing bb's and left. i am experiencing deja vu as i type so probably close to the mark.
  9. indy, I wouldn't know either why you'd register here and then spend half your Saturday trying to to point out everybody else's faults...? Pretty sure everyone who's read this thread has seen you both as a couple trolls with some sort of agenda. Sorry, I don't assume to speak on behalf of the other members. Maybe it's just my Spidey instincts.
  10. I think I found my answer long ago, just wanted to keep you going to see if it was true. I started this post to find out if the watercraft section of this forum is truly objective or not. I did so because I thought (based on the threads that I have read) that as a new member I can't go jumping in on threads and provide contrary opinions, bad reviews of sponsors products, the perspective of a different locale(and consumer as well as retail base, advertisers), or any views or opinions that upset the senior members, administrators or sponsors. Saying things like Scaddens stuff is moslty junk compared to a real boat, and that the hise-rise bow and stern of the streamtech sucks(stupid design-too much wind resistance) and their frames are heavy and the geometry sucks(and I have rowed a 13 foot Sreamtech enough to know). These are my opinions, and I am placing them on this forum for others to consider if they choose to, when they make their own decisions. That is the point of a forum, to relate your experiences and to consider and either learn from or discredit those of others. Whether or not you, your members or your sponsors choose to consider the opinions of others, you ought to respect their right to post those opinions here, as long as they adhere to the specific rules. I have not broken any of wff's rules, nor am I selling anything or trying to bash companies in order to boost the sale of others. I simply heard of another fly fishing forum to check out, then heard that I may need to limit my opinions for fear of being booted. So I decided to find out if that was true, and we will see. Thanks to Chris and those who kept it civil, everyone deserves the respect of civility until they themselves loose it.
  11. Actually, wasn't talking about you. If you read what I wrote, I said those that were banned come back and lurk. BUT, if this is a pseudo account for a banned person you're posting under, that would explain your comment. ;)
  12. I've yet to really see where it was uncivil on any posts. There's a difference from being a new poster and getting a feel for a board, and being a new poster stirring shit. What I don't understand is you keep bringing Scadden and Streamtech up. Nobody was banned for their opinions on either. Now were people banned on threads for spamming theirs or friends boat companies or stirring shit on the board, yes they were.

    You can freely post as you like, and talk shit as much as you like about a product as long as you can back what you say. Problem is too many don't have anything to back it. BTW, since Streamtech boats are so new, when did you get a chance to row one alot? This is legit, since I only know of a few that have been out and around.
  13. Wow, missed this one. He didn't get his answer. It's like being found guilty and having no good excuse to backup why you are supposedly "innocent". He was more then welcome to defend himself via email and have his board privledges reinstated. He didn't, so he can't come back. So nothing to be a curious observer about. :)
  15. Ok, last response for now. Got other stuff to do and this has cost me too much time as it is.

    That streamtech thread was deleted because it was WAY overboard on the spamming in so many ways by so many people. Riverdrifter wasn't banned for THAT THREAD. Just didn't help them any.
  16. Are you kidding me, streamtech is new and there are only a few? As far as I know they have been around for years. Lots of people use them in Idaho and Montana, and there are guide services in Arkansas that have fleets of them. I had a friend and fellow guide that had one for years and sold it in 2010. It's not the only one I have seen around here either. maybe you should get out more often. Uh oh, I heard someone got banned for posting that!
  17. soooo, what does "banning" and 'loss of board privileges' mean on this forum? considering that he has put up another 15-20 posts since this travesty of justice started and was "banned". what? he can't use the emoticons anymore? no colored text, upper case letters or italics? what?
  18. WTF do you think it means? I'd say the travesty of justice is wasting the moderators time with your poor attempt at a troll. Hell, they gave you both (yes, you are a couple) more leash than any one of us "senior members" ever would have been given. Time to stop feeding the trolls. I didn't need to read the 2nd post in this thread to know your agenda.
  19. This boat is also a dolphin. All other arguments are thereby invalid.

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