What's your favorite deer cartridge? Elk cartridge?

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by John Dude, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. I'm curious what people in Washington like to use for deer and elk. My favorite cartridge for deer is the 6.5x55 Swedish, which I have in a Remington Model 700 Classic bolt gun. Light recoil, flat and straight, and excellent stopping power. I usually hunt for mulies and "bench deer" (mulie/blacktail cross), in the LT Murray and Colockum areas, plus upper Teanaway country.

    That said, I actually haven't been using that gun for the past few years, instead carrying a Remington Model 7 Stainless in 7mm-08. harsh recoil, but with a Weaver K4 scope and sling its only about 5 lbs to carry all day.

    My elk gun is a Kimber-modified 1937 Czech made Mauser 98 action, sporterized by Kimber, that is chambered in 280 Remington Ackley Improved.
    Shoots the 7 mm bullets out of a 30.-06 case blown out to 40 degree shoulders. meets or beats the 7mm Remington Mag's speeds, with 1/3 less powder used. Weaver K4 on top.

    What's your favorite?
  2. Deer and elk. 30-06 165 gr. boat tail core lock.
  3. I use the same for both. .270 win Accubond CT.
  4. :rofl:I use a 26 ounce hammer and 6 inch long galvenized nails.
  5. I am with you John. Remington 700 ADL in 6.5x55 Swede fed Hornady Light Magnums in 129 gr.
    Will stop 'em and drop 'em for whitetails in Kentucky.
  6. Howa M-1500 in .243 coupled with 95gr Hornaday Superformance for mulies, and a 1917 Enfield chambered in 30-06, with the 165gr Superformance SST. Once they come out with Superformance blended powder, and the reloading data for it, I'll begin handloading for my precision weapons. The 75gr V-max works wonders on coyotes out to about 500yds!
  7. All this talk about guns is scaring me!

    Uhhhh sorry just returned from a one day conference in Seattle and the air/lack of sunlight and the organic mocha double late cappacinos over there must have affected me.

    6.5 x 55 is a great cartridge for deer and elk. I have an older Husqvarna and a CZ chambered in this caliber.
    The RWS 156 gr oryx is a great deer and elk cartridge.

    I also like the Sako finnbear 270 using Barnes triple shock 150 gr

    Just picked up a Sako 270 WSM and looking forward to reloading for it

    Alex are you going to eat your coyote when you shot it with the V max?:rofl:

    I ilke the 75 gr amax out of my .223
  8. Didn't even need to skin `em!!:clown: And you should have seen the results of Don's shot on his deer. He took the buck right behind the shoulder, and the hydrostatic shock completely destroyed both lungs, the aorta, and the vena cava!! Basically, we unzipped it and turned it right-side up, and shook it. Viola-field dressed deer!!
  9. are you using the 75 grain bullets in the .243 cal gun, the Howa you mentioned? bullets are too heavy for good performance in .223 cal guns, be too slow coming out the barrel. I only use Sierra bullets, and my .243 and .223 cal guns are benchrest target guns that I don't hunt with, so I'm not familiar with the 75 gr Vmax. My other hunting guns are a .270 Winchester, and a .375 HH Mag. They get very little use, until I can afford a trip to Mozambique or Tanzania
  10. 27.5 inch Beaman ICS Hunter arrow with 2 inch blazer vanes and 100 grain Montech broadhead...goes right through them
  11. 45-70, 405 grain JFP, 46 grains H-4198, CCI primer, boom!

    Actually I don't hunt deer or elk but if I did these loads pack plenty of punch from a Marlin 1895 (modern one).
  12. 125 gr Thunderhead on a Beman 340 ICS.
    Sorry bowhunter, couldn't resist.
  13. Doesn't anybody out there use the .45-70 Govt?
  14. 30-06 150 or 162 gr.
  15. 30-06, 150 grain for deer and smaller and 180 grain Nosler partitions for everything else.

  16. Has anyone tried the newer 260 Remington as a deer cartridge? The theory of the 6.5 bullets, with excellent ballistic coefficient, mated on the 308, 243, 7mm08 case makes sense on paper, but I've never tried one.

    What's good on paper doesn't always work in fact. What I want to know is do they really stop deer quickly, are they really as consistently tackdriving as the theory would suggest?
  17. For deer the 6.5 would be fine just not a long range tac driver but if you know your limits it will work great. I would think it might be a little undergunned for elk but for deer anything from a 243 on up will do the job, but like I said every caliber has its limitations. I myself shoot a .308 and have no complaints with it. It knocks stuff down at 300yards no problem and can handle elk just fine too.
  18. I built (on paper) for a guy I know, a 6.5 grendel that is a tack driver. He bought all the parts and put the rifle together, I just recommended what to get. I don't think I'd use it for elk, but it's a PERFECT deer gun, IMHO. It's too bad the round hasn't caught on yet because I think it's about as perfect as you're going to get.

    Another one I really like for deer is the 6.8 SPC. Cartridges are expensive, but it's also a nice caliber. I've seen the 6.8 handle big game like elk as well.
  19. 97' Ford F150 4X4, 4" lift going 55mph. Clean kills every time! Just enough lift to clipem' over the shoulder and they slip right under witout any meat damage
  20. Have shot deer out to 400 yds with the 6.5x55 Swede. It is a tack driver and a joy to shoot. It is essentially the same ballistics as a .260. Great BC on that cartridge. As I grow older I am of the opinion that a rifle in the hands of an experienced and practiced shooter is good on any game here in the lower 48. Many elk have been taken with the .243.

    I used to shoot the big magnums and I love to shoot in the off season
    Lot's of guy shooting big magnums, but how many practice shots in the off season with big magnum before you develop bad shooting reflexes like flinching and jerking the trigger? It's all about shot placement when taking game IMO

    I can reload 20-30 rounds of 6.5, .257 wb and have no problem shooting all of them and my shoulder won't be black and blue the next day. And I can practice shots off-hand, kneeling and sitting without getting beat up. Too many guys just practice off the bench.

    So i guess to answer your question yes!

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